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Second Battle of Yoth Attack on Dark Oculus
New Galactic Republic forces teamed up with members of the Resistance to investigate activity on the planet of Koraulak, and what exactly the Chat Empire and local Mercenary forces were trading on the planet.

New Galactic forces eating food and catching up with one another.

Background Edit

After a short time away, Tyler finally brought Jess back to Yoth to get a full medical check up. Elsewhere at the base, it was a chance for Karl to get all the members of the Resistance, various mercenary factions, and Republic in the same place to meet one another. With the planet under their complete control, he decided to have them eat and get to meet one another, seeing this as the best chance for them to get used to each other before launching another mission. At first, it worked well, with people like Nikolai, Megan, Edward, Stars, Uvok, Unnamed Field Marshall, and Renee all chatting and seeming to get along.


Talot on Yoth

However, the mood changed when a bounty hunter by the name of Talot was able to sneak into the base with a nuke; with his goal being to wipe the base off the face of the planet. Though when Megan wanted to kill him when he was captured, he soon told the group that if he died, the nuke would explode. He went on to explain that he had been sent by forces from Koraulak to kill the people here, but after they had abandoned him, he had a change of heart. Uvok and Karl were able to defuse the situation, and convince Talot to defuse his bomb, when he was offered to help the group infiltrate the planet with Tyler and Nikolai. 

Arriving on KoraulakEdit

Once the meetings and greetings were done, the small task force left Yoth and made the trip to Koraulak. Once over the planet, the infiltration team, consisting of Tyler, Talot, Renée, Uvok, Nikolai, and Stars boarded a stealth pelican and made their way to a tavern a few kilometers outside of one of the major space ports. Their mission was simple, blend into the local crowd and dig up any information on what the Chat and local mercenaries were trading. Though Talot wanted them to go in unarmed, the group was able to convince him to allow them to bring in concealed firearms, just in case. The rest of the team members, lead by Aylin and Megan, were part of an assault squad, stationed around the tavern and ready to strike if the situation in the bar got hostile. 


The Tavern the team was entering.

As soon they all entered the bar, each member broke off to do their own thing, and at first it seemed to work. Renée was taken to the back a few men who thought they could pick up an easy score, which backed fired on them. Tyler played pool with a few of the locals and told them he was looking for someone who hurt “his girl”, much to the shock of Megan. Stars, for his part, stuck to himself and entertained a few locals who were fascinated with him. 

The night wore on and though it was slow, Talot was able to push Tyler into the right direction by helping him hook up with a Chat Ranger who was using mercenaries to attack forces loyal to the New Galactic Republic through out the galaxy. The others, namely Quermian, Talot, Stars, and Renée, were also able to blend in with the locals, even getting some useful information themsevles. Once that was settled however, Talot gave them the green light to go after the ranger. 

A Brawl in the Bar

Talot's suggestion for the team to grab the ranger was to start a brawl in the tavern so they could grab him during all the chaos. With Tyler agreeing with him, he smashed a glass on Talot as this throw the bar into a frenzy, with bodies and objects flying around. Renée came out of the back room as soon as the fighting broke out, and knew what to do, though she too became engulfed in the fighting. Outside the Tavern, the assault teams moved into position, readying to escort them out or go in and give them support. The fighting got more intense, with members of the team substaining injuries, but soon the target was cornered.

Cop bar

Police forces closing in on the tavern.

Renée was able to knock out the ranger as Talot grabbed him, and the team moved out as the brawl in the tavern got worse. However, as they prepared to leave the bar, a police force was nearing the place, tipped off by one of the locals in the area. The ranger was loaded into one of their vehicles as the police showed up, though Megan was able to take out hostage and get the assault team, lead by Aylin, into position to cover their retreat with thier package in one piece. Taking turns drawing fire and keeping the police pinned with pinpoint fire meant to scare and not kill them, they were able to all load up in the vehicles. 

Once the ranger was captured, Megan and Aylin were able to cover the team as the vehicles kicked up dust, and left as the mission was successful. The Republic now had the guy who was providing a direct link between the Chat Empire and mercenary forces, though no one was sure how much damage was done, or who was still leaking the information to the ranger in the first place. However, with the ranger captured, the team boarded their shuttles and flew back to the task force; heading back to Yoth before the true nature of their operation could be realized.

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