"All life is precious, but as a soldier I must take a life. I kill as a last resort, not as a first option."  

- Jess's motto


Born on the planet of Eafth to a small family consisting of her parents and older brother, Jess was just a normal girl. She played with her other friends and always stayed out of trouble. However, she hung around her older brother a lot and was considered a "tomboy" by most of the other kids. Jess was known to play a lot of sports and and was not afraid to get dirty. Though some of the other boys picked on her, Chris, her older brother, had taught her out to fight and protect herself. Jess beat one of them up so bad, he was sent to the hospital and no one really ever messed with her again. By age 13, she was planning on following in her brother's footsteps and join the army. Though her parents were hesitate at first, she was able to convince them otherwise.

When Jess turned 14, her entire world started to fall apart. Her brother, feeling that the Chat Empire was doing more harm then good, abandoned the Chat Armed Forces and ran away from the army. The Government, seeing this as an act of treachery, payed the McKathy residence a visit. Believing her parents where lying to them when they said Chris was not there, they attacked her parents. Jess, not really thinking about the consequences of her actions, charged one of the Chat soldiers with a knife and stabbed him. Though it was not a fatal wound, they beat her up and arrested her. As she was being taken away, she then heard two gun shots. Tears ran down her face as she was carted off to jail to await her sentencing. 

Jess knife

Jess, after stabbing the soldier.

As she was sitting in jail, word had gone around that she had killed both her parents and injured authorities who had responded to the scene. Knowing that she was going to be executed for her "crimes", Jess made the choice to break out. As she was being forced onto a transport, she kicked one of the guards and made a break for it. As they were chasing her through an alley, a van pulled up and two armed men stepped out. She stopped in her tracks as they raised their guns and fired. However, they were not aiming for her and instead shot the guards who where chasing her. They told her to get in, and she immediately recognized one of the voices as Chris's. She hugged him, tears filling her eyes, as they drove away.


Chris told her that after he had seen the events of New Naboo, he made the choice to leave the Chat and join up with a group of highly trained soldiers known as the Delta SEALS. Though he was still training with them, he had given them valuable intel on the Chat. They now had to escape off this planet before the Chat found and killed all of them. The plan was to sneak onto an escape shuttle, on the outskirts of the city known as Echo, where it would launch them for away from the Chat's forces. The drive took a couple of hours but by sundown, they had reached the shuttle. Hidden away in an old testing ground used by the Chat Nation long ago, no documents of this place still existed. Unknown to anyone though, Jess had been injected with a tracking device in her upper arm and when they got to the shuttle, Chat dropships came in over the horizon. Seeing
Escape pod

The escape shuttle used by Jess.

that the shuttle still needed a few minutes to warm up, Chris and the other three SEALS set up a defensive perimeter and waited for the Chat. Gun fire erupted and soon the whole place was being covered with the smell of plasma and gun powder. Within three minutes, only Chris and Jess remanned, though the Chat had lost about 20 troops. Closing in on the pair, Chris made the tough call and order her sister into the shuttle. She begged him to come with her but he said he needed to make sure the Chat did not kill both of them. He gave her a knife and told her to cut the tracker out of herself as soon as she could. They hugged,
Chris tags

Chris's dog tags.

Chris gave her his dog tags, and the door closed as the chat broke into the launch station. Just before the shuttle took off, a needle tore through Chris as he was covering the shuttle from enemy fire, splattering his blood on the window as the shuttle left. Leaving the station and planet, the shuttle traveled to the planet of Kastafar, home to many resistance activities. There she met up with a few Delta SEALS, who took her in after she had told them her tale. 

Delta SEALSEdit

Over the next decade, she was trained in the arts of shadow warfare. Jess mastered hand to hand combat, though she can also handle firearms with ease. She prefers to use a combination of a pistol and a knife, opting to move quickly through a battle and only kill when needed. She also made the choice to dye her hair blonde to honor her brother, and keeps his dogs tags on her at all times. In combat, she prefers to wear the Mark IV Mandalorian Combat Armor, though she has a made a few modifications to it. At the age of 22, Jess took over the Delta SEALS, though it was not her choice to join up with Tyler Alshwind, known as DMR, and the rest of Team Heretic Dinofox. They now look up to her to guide them both on and off the battlefield.

Jess armor

Jess in her combat armor.


She is in her early twenties and is still young at heart. In her spare time, she likes to party, go shopping (for combat equipment), and likes to have fun. Jess still has a scar on her upper right arm from where the tracking device was located. Though at heart she is still a "tomboy", Jess still likes to be treated as a lady. However, she hates being taken for granted or being looked down on. She is not afraid to get down and dirty and speaks her mind when she feels the need to get her point across. Though she likes most of the members of Dinofox, she is always fighting with DMR. In some regards, they are opposites. Jess is more open with her emotions and openly cares for those around her, especially her Delta SEALS. She is also more rational then him, preferring to use less violence and more reason. However, she understands the trauma he went through, and has tried on multiple occasions to get through his mask. Though her years of combat have taken there toll on her, Jess still tries to have fun. Her main goal is to avenge her families death and make everything right again. She is not always fond of killing people, since she knows they too have families but she also realizes it's most of the time either their life or the life of someone she cares about. In that regard, she kills to protect the soldiers who are know under her command. Jess will do whatever it takes to make sure her soldiers come out alive, and takes the loss of their lives personally. Since she takes the loss of any SEAL to heart, she is known to have fits of rage and slaughter any Chat trooper who gets in her way. Afterwards though, Jess will break down into tears and keep to herself until she is back to normal. 

Compared to most of the other members of Dinofox, she is the least vicious of them. Though she does kill in combat, she is against the killing of innocent people, Chat prisoners, and even mass murders of Chat soldiers. She does not see the Chat as "evil", instead she believes this war is just two different sides fighting over different ideologies. This causes her to clash with members of the team, who see her as weak and soft against the enemy. They also like to point out the Chat usually kills their prisoners, though she is against doing the same to Chat prisoners. Jess made the choice to take over STARS's job of watching over the Chat prisoners Heretic Dinofox has. 

Galactic Chat WarEdit

While she has been fighting the SEAL's enemies for years now, she did not witness major fighting until the Fall of Yoth, where she would assist Dinofox in trying to hold out against the Chat onslaught for as long as possible. She went from helping to rescue friendly forces from the moon base all the way to helping defend Gamma Base while the wounded were evacuated. Jess needed to be forcibly put on a transport as they were getting ready to leave, not wanting to abandon the troops still fighting. 

Taking tags

When Jess can't bring their bodies back, she takes the dog tags of her dead SEALS. That way, they can be remembered.

She would next be apart of The Ambush at Gaeto, helping Dinofox get rid of the Chat presence on the planet. However, she was concerned that the team was not acting in good faith, that they were more concerned with killing the Chat then helping people through out the galaxy. Once on the ground, Jess, DMR, and some Delta SEALS were apart of a ground op meant to gather intel on the Chat. Fog and bad intel though, almost coast all the them their lives. The Admin Karl killed all the SEALS, almost killed DMR, and left Jess bleeding on the ground, However, DMR used himself as a human shield to protect Jess from a spike grenade left behind by Karl. She then got into a discussion with Sinon over their roles in this war and what they meant to those around them.

Jess's next task would be hunt for Commander Heathcliff after he left the system and disobeyed direct orders from Fox. First though, the team would have to survive an attack lead by Karl. The Great Fox III was able to capture the admin and bring him aboard but Jess was able to convince him to help the team hunt down Heathcliff, since he had also bombed Eafth. Though most of the team was reluctant to want to work with him, Jess was able to smooth out the differences and get both sides to see the same picture. Once they had found out Heathcliff would be heading towards Catoonie, Jess requested agents to help the team, since she had no SEALS with her at the time. The fighting on the planet was brutal but was ultimately a failure for the team. Heathcliff had escaped, and the team was forced to runaway when a Chat fleet was dispatched to find out what was happening on the planet. Karl ordered all of them to leave him behind so the Chat could not capture and/or kill them. 

The Chat SchismEdit

After the events of The Chat Schism, Jess and the rest of Dinofox headed to Eafth with the intent of freeing Karl before his execution. During the Battle, Jess fought along side DMR and Raptor as they made their way towards the prison. Once they got there, they were able to free Karl but soon learned they now had to fight their way towards the capital building to save Karl's AI, Blue. Getting separated from DMR and Raptor, and then from Karl, Jess was left alone with her troops once she got there. However, she soon met up with Wilc0 and the two fought their way towards Blue. Along they way, they would have to fight their way through both Forerunner and Haloprov, though Raptor and their new ally, Ultra Force, helped push back the Admins. Once they got into the room holding Blue, Jess got in another brutal fight with Knightmare, who almost killed her. The timely re-arrival of Karl turned the tide of the battle though, and Jess was able to defeat Knightmare by snapping his neck, paralyzing him from the neck down. With Blue safe now, Karl and Jess then went on the look for Ultra Force and DMR, who had been taken away by the Civilian Militia to receive medical treatment. Once the team fully regrouped, Jess thought they were done. However, Karl still had one more mission for her and her SEALs before they left Eafth. Karl had Jess and four of her SEALS conduct a raid on a Chat intelligence base, known as Operation Black Eagle. While she was successful in retrieving the intel, she was distraught that none of her SEALS made it back alive. 

Bleeding Jess

Jess, bleeding, after the second bomb went off.

After leaving Eafth, she helped Karl with a Delegation on Gaeto. Karl was hoping to unite other planets and leaders who were angry with the Chat Empire and have them join the New Galactic Republic. Jess was head of security on the planet and worked very closely with DMR and two members of the Republic SentinelEdward and Megan. However, on the night before the delegation, the four of them were forced to escort Commander Heathcliff around the city. Here, they not only meet some of his old friends, they also learned of a bomb plot that would threaten the entire delegation. Working as hard as they could, they were able to stop the first bomb but while Jess was escorting delegates to their ships, a second one went off. Injured, she got into a firefight with mercenaries but was ultimately captured by an unknown figure.

Capture Edit

When Jess finally woke up, she was in a prison and under heavy chains. A figure then approached her, and introduced himself as Hado Shinjitsu. He told Jess his job was very simple, do what ever it took to make her crack and reveal anything she knew about the New Galactic Republic. For her first test, Jess was blindfolded, with her hands tied behind back. Hado asked her a series of question, threatening to fire his gun if she did not answer them correctly. Jess answered the first few correct but when asked about where her Delta SEALS were based, she refused to answer. The two got into an argument, with Hado firing the gun everytime she refused or gave the wrong answer. After seven shots, Hado removed Jess's blindfold, revealing that he had been executing Delta SEALS who had survived the Chat's raid on Kastafar. The SEALS had their mouths covered, and Jess pleaded with Hado to spare the last one. Telling her she needed to learn who was in charge, he shot the last soldier before pushing Jess into the pool of blood. As the blood of her dead soldiers covered her face, Hado ordered one of his guards to taser Jess until she passed out.

Jess in cell

Jess sitting in her prison cell.

Waking up, Jess realized she was not only sitting in a chair, but she was not chained down. But she also noticed armed guards near by, who were to far away for her to do anything about it. In front of her was a dinner prepared by Hado, saying she needed to eat to regain some strength before the next round of torture. Once again defying him, Hado had guards knock her out and when she came too, she was once again tied down and laid out across a table. She looked up, seeing weights hanging above her, which would be dropped on her rib cage if she did not answer Hado's questions. When asked about Wilc0, Jess would not budge, forcing Hado to drop the weights on her. She tried her best but when the 30 pound weight hit her, she could no longer protect him; she revealed he was hiding out on Eafth, beneath the city of Omega. Satisfied, Hado had her knocked out and moved back to her room.

It was after this indicated that Hado had enough of Jess, and he decided to take complete control over her, knowing that would break her. When her food was delivered to her that night, Hado made sure it was laced with a drug that would paralyze her body but enable to still feel everything. Unable to move, she could only watch in horror as Hado raped her, and for the first time in a very long time, Jess finally broke, having lost all control over the situation. The next few months for her involved either giving in Hado’s demands, which lead to the SEALS nearly being wiped out, or not saying anything, feeling too detached to do anything. She had lost all hope of being saved, and was counting the days until she would finally be killed for outliving her usefulness. 

Rescue Edit

Masseffect2 med bay by velvet asari89-d6i3fim

For the next few months, the medical bay would be Jess's home.

Time had passed slowly for Jess, but everyone else, especially DMR, it was an eternity without her. However, all of that changed after the conclusion of the Assault of Mu Gasto, as DMR was finally able to get to the bottom of what happened to Jess. With that information in hand, he moved quickly to save her, going alone to reduce her. It was a daring raid, but he was able to save Jess, and a piece of his humanity, dropping the name DMR and replacing it with his birth name. Though Hado was still at large, Jess was safe, and was given enough time to heal and get ready for her next fight. 

Return to CombatEdit

Jess's next fight would come on the planet of Dark Oculus, where she would be deployed to help take down the Chat Admin known as Bravadostock. Jess, along with Tyler and Aylin Bray would defeat him after a long, and bloody fight, though the team as a whole would not come out unscathed. Edward, while fighting Spartan A-118 would be killed during the same battle.

Jess would next be deployed with Republic forces and an elite task force to the planet of Beta Maxmius 35b to kill or capture Haloprov, who was leading an attack on the planet. She would be apart of Division Two, who would stay in abort above the planet until Halo could be drawn out, before moving into intercept. After a few days, he finally came out, and she was deployed along side others, inclduing Tyler, TalotVisius, and even a few SEALS, to deal with Haloprov. The fight would take place in a burning forest, and after a long, brutal fight with his bodyguards, Talot knocked out Halo, allowing the team to caputre him and bring him in for questions. 

What would happen over the course of the next couple of hours would not only shake Jess, but the rest of the team as Haloprov would not break. Tyler had to hold her back against her will as Talot began to torture Haloprov, by skinning him alive, though this would not break him. Jess could not even appeal to his morals, as his idea of peace was though the Chat Empire and nothing more. What would really shake the Jess though was when Trol' Lolam showed up, telling Halo he was going to bomb Chat cities with Chat bombers, and this only seemed to affect Jess. In an attempt to stop Trol' from launching his plan, she took his device which released a toxic gas meant to have people relive their biggest fears. Seeing her family and soldiers be killed, and reliving the rape, broke Jess, who had to be helped out by Tyler, who was ready to kill Trol' on the spot.

Missile base

The Missile Defense Base.

Jess would soon see combat as soon as she was out of the hospital, as Gaeto was attacked by the Chat in retaliation for the recent battles. Jess's job was to prevent the Chat from activating the missile defense network that would kill hundreds of millions of people if it was activated. She would be successful in preventing the Chat from activating it, but not before being heavily injured as she was forced to fight off wave after wave of Chat soldiers as she held out for reinforcements to arrive. The timely arrival of Karl and Megan ensured that Jess did not die, as she was relocated to a field hospital to recover from her injuries. 

Jess's next mission would involve her and the rest of the team invading a Chat refueling station in the hopes of stealing valuable intelligence from the Chat. The mission started off well enough, with Jess and the others being inserted quickly as the area above the station was attacked by Karl and Madam Celestial Saber. After a short firefight, they were able to get what they came for as Chat forces desperately tried to deny them. Though they would ultimately escape with the intel, the arrival of Knightmare reminded the team that there was still a long fight in front of them.

War with Chat IntensifiesEdit

Jess mad

Jess was furious at Talot.

Jess would be part of a strike team during the Battle of New Haven, with her goal being to take the planet's capital along with Talot and Uvok. During the opening phases of the attack, they would be forced underground as the Chat was able to repulse their attack. While regrouping in the sewers, Talot fired at a Civilian Militia who had come to assist the group, which made Jess furious. With help from locals who were pro-Republic, along with Republic soldiers, they were finally able to take the capital city, though Uvok went dark, prompting Jess to began search and rescue operations. 

Weapon List:

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