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Kairres is a terrestrial world, with an atmosphere composed of nitrogen and argon. Its surface is littered with generous deposits of nickel and silver.

Kairres surface

The environment is relatively humid, with frequent high temperatures. The surface water is hazardous to all but the indigenous lifeforms, although it can easily be cleaned to be safe for other species. It has a pair of moons, and sunlight and warmth are received from the local Red dwarf. Being the closest planet to the sun, Kairres is the only planet in the Pifaelius system capable of supporting life. The gravity is lower than usual, causing parkour to be a popular sport among the settlements.

History Edit

Investors of a private interstellar exploration company had conscripted one hundred settlers to establish a colony on the planet due to its abundance of metals. After the colony was established in 2489, it continued to grow, and in 2530, a group of colonists split off to form a second colony, with permission from the mother company.

Similar to most frontier worlds, 98% of the planet is vast, uncharted wilderness, and lacks a stable form of government.

This planet would bare witness to a fight between Resistance and the Mandalorian Empire.

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