Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym is a Ptranosaurian who came from another galaxy in a unknown space craft. He claims to be a diplomatic agent of the Ptranosaurian emperor to bring peace to the galaxy. However, Kamin's true intentions are unknown. 


The Ptranosaurian was sent to the capital of the New Galactic Republic inside his pod-like spacecraft. There was another diplomat sent to the Chat capital at that time. According to Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym, the other diplomat of the Ptranosaurian Empire is his wife, who he is suppose to meet if a possible Chat-NGR meeting occurs.

However, he eventually grew tired of waiting and took matters into his own hands, having simply left with out leaving a trace behind that he was ever their, except a note that has yet to be discovered.

He latter met a mysterious stranger who suggested he go to the current mission site of New Havan and confront Visius to remind the galaxy of his presence, after words he told Visius his story, and that he wanted to find his wife. Who he referred to as Herronuna-ackuak-him, the other diplomat.

In the end he had reunited with his wife at the meeting between Karl and Knightmare . After having given the message of his people it was decided diplomacy will solve nothing, and so they have resigned from their career as diplomats and went to live on a unknown planet secluded from the rest of the galaxy. Though the Ptranosaurian fleet will one day arrive Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym and Herronuna-ackuak-him have no plans to join either the invaders nor the defenders. If any of the natives of the galaxy find them it will do them no good as they will only speak to them as fellow people and refuse any farther politics. They have also abandon their technology to prevent their own people from tracking them.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Like a dragon, Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym has the ability to breathe fire. It is a common ability among his species.

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