“My Job as a General is to fight for the people, not against their best interests.”

- Karl's motto

"Hyper lethal vector is one way to describe him, but he can kill you in many different ways." 

- Resistance description of Karl

Known History

Most of his files before before the events of The Chat Civil War have been destroyed. All that is known is he was an orphan and he was raised by an Admin before the war. Once the war broke out, he enlisted in the Chat Army and was involved in the war over the next ten years. He saw combat on many planets and quickly rose through the ranks in the army. By the closing year of the war, Karl was already a three star general. Karl was in charge of mopping up troopers who will still trying to put up a fight after the Chat Nation had leveled Yavin V.

The war might have been over after that but Karl was far from finished. He still had some fight in him and could not accept the fact the war was officially over. Seeing him as a liability, the Chat Army discharged him and removed him of his rank. Dishonored, Karl vowed to have his revenge. He made the choice to join the Chat Empire, and after they won the 118th elections, Karl was made an Administrator. The Chat Empire made him their top general, though he does not always enjoy sitting behind a desk. 

Battle Status

He oversees all military actions of the Chat Empire and is the driving force behind battling Team Heretic Dinofox and The Resistance. Karl knows how to get a job done and will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. He does not make mistakes and will not take any actions until he has considered every possible option. Though at times he is a little slow to act, Karl knows how to run an army and rarely lets others act in his place. Karl is aggressive, cunning, brilliant, and tactical. He shows no remorse and only cares about the big picture. Everyone, except himself, are expendable and will sacrifice soldiers to make sure the job is done, and done right. Even those in the government fear him. However, all of this could just be a mask. There are times where he does show remorse, and will sometimes got out of his way for others, notably Chat Admins. This makes him a complex person, so many different people have many different opinions of him. Karl also has an AI with him, named Blue. They have been together for almost five years now and they are very close. Some might even say she is the only thing he would lay down his life for. 

Blue AI

Blue, Karl's AI.

Karl has been involved in many attacks against the enemies of the Chat. He orchestrated the Fall of Yoth and oversaw the destruction of the Resistance and Dinofox in space and on the ground. After that, he participated in The Ambush at Gaeto, almost killing both DMR and Jess McKathy before being forced to flee as a rebel dropships moved in. He was then held as a "prisoner" aboard the Great Fox III after his personal fleet came into contact with Dinofox. However, Jess was able to convince him to help them hunt down Commander Heathcliff, in exchange for the prisoners Forerunner and Vidmas7er. After the battle, Karl was arrested by the Chat for treason and conspiring with the Enemy. He had failed to kill Heathcliff and he had not saved the prisoners. 

Before being taken prisoner by the Chat, Karl contacted S3kshun8 and had Blue send him all his information on the Chat. While he was standing before the council, Karl, seeing as he was going to be killed no matter what he did, told the Chat classified material discussing how they handled the Galactic Chat War. Outraged, the Chat sentenced him to death and his AI to be decommissioned. However, before that could happen, Heretic Dinofox launched an assault on Eafth during The Chat Schism to help free him. Now that he was safe, he created a new faction called the New Galactic Republic, which would take the fight directly to the Chat. Before leaving the planet, Karl launched Operation Black Eagle, which was successful in capturing classified intelligence from the Chat.

Karl took his remaining forces to Gaeto, which had become the base of operation for the Galactic Republic. Knowing he would need help if he was to defeat the Chat, Karl held a delegation on the planet to gather people who also wanted the Chat removed from power. While the delegation started off smoothly, a group payed by the Chat was able to bomb the delegation, ending it promptly. Worse, Jess was kidnapped by an unknown figure, leaving the Republic without one of its best operatives. Seeking revenge, a task force was gathered and was sent to Mu Gasto, with the hope of finding out what exactly happened to Jess. She was eventually rescued by Tyler and brought back to Yoth for treatment. 

With his team brought back to full strength, Karl decided it was time to make another major move against the Chat Empire, hoping this time to take an Admin out. His mission would be successful, with both the Administrator Bravadostock and the Chat Moderator Spartan A-118 dying in the resulting battle. However, he would also lose the Republic's best tactical mind, as Edward would dying in the same battle.

Karl would still be trying to figure out his next move when the Chat attacked his capital and he was forced to hold off would be assassins deployed by them. With his cutlass in hand, he killed soldier after soldier until Megan arrived to help him mop of the last few. Once that was done, Blue let him know that Jess had successfully taken the missile network offline, but that Chat was mounting a furious counter attack to retake the base. Knowing the Chat could use it to kill hundreds of millions of people, Karl and Megan rushed to save Jess and the base. They would arrive just in time to save both, and once the Chat pulled away from the planet, Karl met with his top generals and advisors to figure out what his next plan of attack should be. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.39.49 PM

Karl overlooking his ships during a break in the fighting.

Looking to get back at the Chat, Karl would launch an operation with the goal of stealing critical Chat intelligence on ship movement in the Smiley Belt System. With help from Madam Celestial Saber, he was able to pull together ships to help cover an insertion team. The mission went off without a hitch, as his team was able to get the intel without his task force taking too many losses. Everything seemed to be going right, until his team told him while they were escaping, they ran into Knightmare and Karl knew that from then on out, his war against the Chat had just reached a new level. 

Karl would use the intelligence they stole to attack the Chat world of New Haven. The attack was a success, as his forces were able to capture the capital and other key locations on the planet. However, when Uvok went dark, the mission changed to locating him. This was short lived, as a mysterious figure arrived, telling Karl that if they submitted to him, the galaxy could finally achieve peace. Not takin getting blackmailed to kindly, he nevertheless agreed to talk with them and even the Chat Empire, who also had met the aliens from the same group.


Karl is a no nonsense man who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty to do so. Years of warfare and fighting have left him sick of unnecessary bloodshed and he is starting to see the errors of ruling through fear. He does think there is good in people, and that the government must be strong enough to protect them but not control them. There are times where Karl can be kind and gentle, seeming to care for each individual person, but there are times where Karl seems to disregard that and will slaughter those who stand in his way. Karl knows he will never atone for the choices he made and the actions he has committed, but he hopes he can steer his government in the right direction long enough for the right person to fill his role.