Kastafar from the non Smiley Belt side.

Kastafar is a small, mineral rich planet located in the Troll quadrant of the galaxy, just outside the Smiley Belt.


Kastafar is a relatively small planet, being only about five-eighths the size of Eafth. Tons of minerals are excavated from this planet every year; which contains vast deposits of Tungstinum, Dark Cathium, and crystal diamonds. Tempertures range from 10 to 40 degrees celsius and while most of the ecosystem has been ruined due to mining operations, there are some forests still located on the planet. Kastafar is also self-sustaining, with the capacity to grow enough food to feed the roughly 1.2 billion people who call this place home. 


  • The Delta SEALS were headquartered on this planet and use the mining operations as a front to make money to fund their activities. However, after a successful attack led by Haloprov, the SEALS have been all but removed from The Galaxy, though the Chat were unable to take control of the planet. 
  • Jess McKathy escaped to this planet after running from the Chat Empire.
Seal training base

The main Military base for the Delta SEALS.

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