Kig-yar archer armor

A sketch design of archer armor.

Combat Armor
worn by Lord of the STARS's archers.


Light weight armor worn by pirate "archers", with focus more on light armor to allow full movement, though this means it does not not fair well against heavy fire power. Made of light weight titanium, infused with an alloy known as 17-4PH, helps increase the protection the armor offers while staying light weight. However, this armor only protects the chest and lower parts of the body, leaving the head, neck, and arms exposed. This is to allow an archer to have an unobstructed view and to allow full movement of their arms. In some instances though, the archer will wear head gear, but their peripheral version suffers. Given that archers act as a support role, usually hanging back and picking off targets, this armor allows them to quickly escape if they enemy gets the jump on them. 

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