Mandalorian Transport

The Kom'rk-class Combat-Capable Transport is the primary shuttle for Mandalorian forces.


These shuttles drop off Mandalorian Raiders (Jet troopers) in the air before they actually go into battle. This gives the Mandalorian raiders a speed advantage and a better chance for a swift sneak attack. Each one can drop off twenty-four Mandalorians at once and these vehicles travel in groups. After the ballistic war droids make contact the Kom'rk-class transports typically drop off tropps from above in a blitz attack then the other Mandalorians reinforce them.


A Kom'rk-Class fighter/transport can be used as a fighter for Mandalorian forces or a transport. The main role of the vehicle is to be a transport that can quickly drop off multiple Mandalorian jet troopers at once into a battle with the element of surprise. The vehicle can still land on ground, but during battle the vehicle normally will never do this. The Kom'rk-class transport is the main transport for all Mandalorian raiders and airborne troops. These vehicles have four laser turrets and can hold up to twenty-four Mandalorian raiders at once.

These vehicles often go ninety miles an hour when in the battlefield and even faster when out of it. These transports hold the advantage of speed over most slower or larger transports. This makes them more difficult to shoot down and even less difficult to detect. Kom'rk-class transports often come in battle effectively without warning. These vehicles require a crew of four to be operated and at least two people are needed to just keep the vehicle in the air. The Kom'rk-class transports display the Mandalorians quick and aggressive nature a lot like the ballistic war droids do and make the Mandalorians even more deadly. While the ship is fast, it cannot protect its self as well as the LAGS/U or carry as much as a Chat Shuttle, effectively making it a 'jack-of-all-trades, master of none.'

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