Koraulak is a small, terrestrial world that is generally described as quiet and isolated.

The cold barren terrain of the planet.


The climate is fairly hot, although on rare occasions, it can experience cooler temperatures; the average temperature is 24 degrees celsius. Certain outposts are hubs for various bounty hunters and pirate gangs to gather, while the rest of the population resides in mining colonies. The two different groups ignore each other and peace seems to be upheld, although pirates are usually clashing over riches and fame. There is at least one illegal weapons manufacturer based on Koraulak prior to the Chat arrival.

Arrival of the ChatEdit

At some point, Chat agents were able to trace back illegal weapons to a manufacturer in Port LaFayette. They launched an attack on the city and they were able to successfully shut down the operation.

About a year later, just months prior to the Fall of Yoth, the Chat forces arrived after an AA gun set up for "protection" was destroyed. When the Chat troopers arrived, they were skillfully picked off by the perpetrators, the Green Mist Assassins, and while the former sent reinforcements, the mercenaries were already gone. Many in the Chat Empire call this the "Second Raid on Koraulak," or the "Trap on Koraulak," while the residents of the planet refer to it as "LaFayette's Revenge."

The planet would also be home to an investigation by the New Galactic Republic as they hoped to find an informant who was leaking Republic military information to local mercenary groups


  • This is the only neutral world to have fought back against the Chat, but are not pro-THDF.
  • The name of the world is derived from "The Legend of Korra" and "Aralakh Company."

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