"Admiral, you must forgive the Krogan for being so prone to aggression, their natural instinct is fight back or

die. It can be to our advantage once we establish a are all use to each other." ~Unknown siren officer.

Overview and HistoryEdit

The krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet of Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance of vicious predators. Which has lead to the Krogan evolving to survive in it. But there world wasnt always like this as the Krogan became more advanced, the creation of nuclear weapons, devastated there planet forcing the race to primitive tribes fighting over, resources and territory.

They where then later found by a race called the Salarians which uplifted the krogan into the galactic community, to fight wars for them in exchange for worlds to colonize, but because of the Krogan being removed from there harmful and oppressive homeworld, there birth rate began to get out of control, which sparked the Krogan rebellions where the Krogan began to take over planets by force, but because of the Krogans birth rate if you where able to kill one Krogan 10 more would take its place. This led to the creation of a bioweapon called the genophage which was developed by the Salarains but used by the Turians (which where new comers at the time)

The genophage caused Krogan birthrates to drop to 1 in 1000 viable births, which lead to the Krogan getting fought back to there homeworld to die off, hundreds of years after the war, the krogan where allowed to live along side the other races, but where treated as second class citizens and the no one would attempt to try and help the Krogan by curing the genophage because of fears of another Krogan rebellions, at some unknown time a large group of Krogan and other races found themselves at the THDF universe, but tended to stay away from most conflicts.

In the THDF galaxy they have not been seen often in the main time frame war except in the most elite assault forces and as mercenaries. They where seen more during post war.

Due to how densely built Krogan are they usually sink in water and rely on walking on the ground when in water without special gear such as a water jet suit and/or a buoyancy layer in their under armor to help them swim. Although a large number of Krogan have been assigned to work in the elite new amphibious special forces fleet of Swims Like Shark during the time the NGR was promoting him among their ranks to admiral. This was possibly to insure land operations did not remain the fleets point of weakness due to the Siren main crew body being better suited for wet combat then terrestrial combat.

During the invasion of the Ptranosaurians even more Krogan where seen in action as a attempt to stand a chance against the Ptranosaurian ground and boarding forces who where huge strong and nimble insanely well trained death machines. But due to the Ptranosaurians better technology, and their ancient cellular immortal life experience yielding them even better training, and their ability to fly and breath fire being the final nail in the coffin, even the Krogan failed to match them. However after the Ptranosaurian invasion the Ptranosaurians never forgotten them, and had cured the Krogan of their sterilization, believing they could deal with the Krogan birth rates the same as with the even swifter breeding Yush'shy'R who they simply insure always have enough homes and freedom to express their culture and have their own independent military. To them the possibility of Krogan needing to coop with their birth rate is inconsaquncal as they may one day only use it as a means to conquer a third galaxy.

Biology Edit

Natural selection as played a large role in the Krogans evolution which has caused the race to have twice as many organs as most known sentient species's and have incredibly strong thick natural plating, which is almost bullet proof.

Unlike most sentient species, krogan eyes are wide-set giving them a 240 degree vision which gives them a greater awareness of approaching predator. Krogan eyes have narrow pupils. Their irises may vary from red, green, amber, or blue in color

Prior to the genophage, females could lay around 100 eggs a year, although only a few would survive the harsh conditions of there homeworld.

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