Laser cutlass

A Laser Cutlass in red

A Laser Cutlass is a high grade sword that cuts clean through most materials. 


The handle is made of high grade Inconel and is infused with materials to absorb the intense heat from the laser. The blade is intended to thirty-six inches long, though the user can change the size if they need to. One should note the larger the sword becomes, the quicker the battery drains as it will try to compensate for the increased length. Rare crystals power the laser its self, that acts more like a Plasma and cuts through body armor. Even energy shields have issues stopping these weapons, as the heat itself can burn straight through it. The cutlass can really only be stopped by another laser cutlass, though the cutlass cannot stop bullets.

While it can block some plasma, bullets are more just burned up by the blade, though the user would need amazing reflexes to stop automatic fire. The Cutlass can also clash with an Energy Sword, although the Cutlass would eventually burn through the plasma due to greater focus and heat, at least against the newer model. The blade also needs to be recharged about every six hours, though the user can easily swap out the light weight batteries if need be. While the laser cutlass is powerful, it can easily injury the user if they are not careful. Notable users include KarlHaloprov, and Darth TheHackingDogKnightmare, after the Battle of Eafth, began to use one as well, though his is highly modified to be even more powerful. Mandalorians are also known to use these in battle. The 5th Legion uses these weapons exclusively. 

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Different colored laser cutlasses


two laser cutlass's clashing; one in red, the other in blue

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