Lawlderan was a peaceful planet that was the primary base for the Resistance and United Opedia Remnant after Yavin V was lost.


Lawlderan was a peaceful planet that strongly supported the United Opedia and their beliefs in information rather then social gathering in the Halo Nation. After Yavin V was totaled from bombing during the Chat Civil War, the survivors regrouped at Lawlderan and quietly had their base of operations there for 14 years. From here, they still didn't manufacture hardly any ships nor weapons on the planet, since it's government prohibited anything less then a "Lawl". After Fox attempted to steal important slipspace crystals from the Chat, they managed to track him to Lawlderan where they found the source for the Resistance, that has been harassing the Chat for 14 years.


By the time that the Chat had arrived with their finished Chat StarTeam Heretic Dinofox had just formed. The initial battle of Lawlderan was fought without a Chat Star, and the Team helped evacuate citizens during it's first siege, but only day's later the Chat Star arrived and destroyed the Planet with it's "trololol" beam.


The Team and the majority of the Resistance's fleet fled from Lawlderan, to another Resistance controlled planet: Havin IV. The Chat's victory on Lawlderan made them overconfident in their assault on Havin IV, and led to the Chat Star being destroyed in the Battle.


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