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Liberator is the name of the sword and shield of Commander Heathcliff. The shield is made of artificially
Liberator dino

Heathcliff's Liberator sword.

strengthened Ti-A3 titanium and an unknown material together. The Sword is made of an unknown material, but energy shields have no effect on it, allowing it to go straight through them. It can even clash with an energy sword, and not be cut straight through.


The shield is a tower shield in the shape similar to a cross. It has white enameling with a red cross on the front of the shield. The shield in addition to being defensive, can also act offensively by battering targets with it. The sword is sheathed inside of the shield and is about 1.5 meters in length. The sword is of simple design, shaped as a straight-sword, and has little ornamentation on it.

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