There are many races which inhabit the THDF universe, with a range of different life spans. (Warning, some of this content may be incorrect.)

Shortest to longest lifespans between between different races Edit

Unggoy For unggoy death is just a holiday. Their life span is unknown as no unggoy in known history ever lived past 35 with out going out with a bang.

Kig-yar Edit

Female Kig-yar live longer then males. Mostly because males tend to die instead of the female. The record so far for Kig-yar is only 117 years.

Humans Edit

Living slightly longer then Kig-yar humans get to see what ever war begins in their next centuries time line and say good bye to the great grand kids who go to fight. At least according to a famous poem titled "Generations."

Sangheili/sirens Edit

Sirens are on a out dated expectancy of 400 years, in spite of what modern medicine and better hospitals where able to increase 450 years ago. Their record is 840 years. this section will be edited when someone has information which of the 2 live longer.

Krogan Edit

Krogan live for around 1000 years if they are lucky, most krogan never die of old age because of there homeworld being being full of deadly predatory which usually kill them off before they even get to 500 years of age.

Yutjia Edit

A Kig-yar by the nick name Charmer who's real name is lost to history once claimed to have met a Yutjia elite who was over 3000 years old, and still strong.

(More to come with more editors)

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