This is a list of minor characters who have been deemed too small to have their own page, but are still noteworthy. Some characters on this page may be addressed by a title, nickname, or alias.

Resistance CharactersEdit

  • Mike, Stephens, Trent, and Blake - Four Delta SEALS who assisted Jess McKathy during Operation Black Eagle. Most of them were on the their first combat mission and had survived the Battle of Eafth. However, they had all known Jess for at least three years, and she helped oversee their training. Their loss has had a profound effect on Jess as she continues to lose more SEALS than she can replace.  
  • Odan - A Resistance fighter pilot who was involved in the Battle of Eafth. Piloting a F-65 X-wing Clymore, he helped the resistance fleet engage the loyalist Chat fleet still protecting Eafth. However, once he got word that Vegito and Fox where stranded on the planet, Odan headed back to a T-Rex class Assault Cruiser to grab a dropship to pick up the two. Grabbing a Pterodactyl class dropship, he was able to pick up the pair before Chat forces could eliminate them.
  • Simon and Griggs - Two Delta SEALS who assisted in bringing down Haloprov during the Counter Attack on Beta Maximus 35b. Simon would be injuried during the battle, though he would survive. 
  • Chesith - A Salarian Resistance soldier who participated in Operation: Safe Haven. He was originally assigned to be a pilot in a previous mission, but was intimadated and scared off by the Krogan Talot, who was angry at Chesith's species for sterilizing a bio weapon on his race which causes only 1 in 1000 births to be viable. After Talot returned, Chesith and Talot got into a fight but Talot realized that his actions were wrong and apologized. Chesith then fought with Talot on New Haven
  • "Hissy" - An insectoid Rachni soldier that served The Queen, "Hissy" was willing to defend her with his life. When his colony invaded a mercenary transport vessel and slaughtered all those inside in response to the mercs trying to kill the Rachni young, Resistance members Talot and Yozoz went to investigate, deciding to kill the Queen. However, Yozoz's methane tank was damaged and the queen promised to fix it if Talot didn't kill her larvae. After doing so, Talot tried to kill the Queen anyway, but Yozoz stopped him. Out of gratitude, the Queen gave Yozoz one of her soldiers to serve him. Yozoz nicknamed him "Hissy" because of the sounds he made. Hissy now battles alongside Yozoz in the Resistance. 

UNSC CharactersEdit

  • Marcus P. Stacker - Stacker was a Master Gunnery Sergeant ODST and Marine. He fought during the Human-Covenant war in the Battles of Reach, Installation 04, Installation 05, Earth, Installation 00, and the First and second Battle of Requiem. Being the only Marine to survive all of these battles, he was promoted multiple times. He was aboard The UNSC Back with a Vengeance when it was teleported into the THDF Galaxy. He fought during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, relieving the force lead by Yozoz and Charmer.

Covenant Navy CharactersEdit

  • This War is Ours - Call sign for a Sangheili Zealot who has served under the Unnamed Field Marshall ever since the Reach Campaign. Usually goes dark due to deep-cover ops far behind enemy lines; also the Field Commander for the Tacit Ronin, the top special tasks unit in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He was capture by the Mandalorian Empire and forced by his captors to fight for his life in an arena on Beta Maximus 35b. He was freed during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b. (User link here)
  • Zuzu - An Unggoy that was part of Yozoz's Lance. During the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, he and Charmer tried to find the building where TWIO and other prisoners were being held. After the battle, he traveled to the asteroid New Eden, where they visited Charmer's house. Zuzu was very nervous and got scared easily. He was sensitive and his feelings could also be hurt easily. He was ultimately killed in Charmer's house by a Viper Probot.
  • Dornog - An Unggoy who had previously been part of Yozoz's lance. After the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, he deserted and fled to the SS Arno, a civilian transport ship headed to Gaeto. However, it was boarded by a Xenomorph, and he was killed.
  • Jutnip and Huglot - After Yabab slipped into a coma and Glofnog was killed on Yoth, there were replaced by Jutnip and Huglot. Jutnip was a SpecOps Major and became Yozoz's 2iC, and Huglot was the heavy weapons expert. Though Jutnip and Huglot were good friends, Jutnip would sometimes have to keep Huglot in line as although Huglot was very friendly and brave, he would often become distracted or say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Yozoz did not like his new teammates as much as his childhood friends Yabab and Glofnog, partially because they reminded Yozoz of them.

Elite Remnant Legion Edit

Guardians of Eden Edit

  • Flower- Was the name of a Kig-Yar from the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution . She fought in Commodore Charmer's unit during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b , and developed feelings for him. The two ate together after they were pulled out of the battle both due to heavy losses, and the fact that the prison had been discovered to be in orbit of the planet the whole time. She is now pregnant with Charmer's baby.
  • Bishop Faes - One of hundreds of high ranking officials on New Eden, known as Bishops, who served to assist in civilian control operations. As with everyone that held the rank of Bishop, Faes became a priority target of the mercenaries, although he was able to stay off Tyrotar Edalius' radar. Despite this, Faes was killed by the assassin Tauwei after calling for help from the crew of a downed Pelican transport. The latter was killed in retribution by Spartan Aylin Bray.
  • Baron Fortunato - This Baron took control of the anarchy of Paradiso, New Eden during the New Eden Crisis. His family was killed in the bombings and he was nearly assassinated. He changed his name to the Red Baron and now follows Nikolai Pereshenko on missions to avenge his fallen city.
  • Commodore Smite - The Commodore led a small band of Buccaneers to set up a fort on Yoth, as a staging area to retake it when more reinforcements arrive. He in charge of maintaining the Yoth Fort. When Madam Celestial Saber's Royal Forces arrived, the Royal Commodore Crystal and Smite argued over control of the fort, as they both felt it was their duty.
  • Captain Vaa'R - A captain that was killed during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha.
  • Captain Kra'kuk - Lead a team aboard the Arno to rescue Resistance members from Xenomorphs.
  • Captain Kesk - Fought during the siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha and later crashed on an unknown planet.
  • Sut'Ra - Fought during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha, and was one of the few survivors.

New Galactic Republic CharactersEdit

  • Admiral Bishop - Is the Fleet commander for Karl, who is in charge of the 45 ships that protect the planet of Gaeto in the name of the New Galactic Republic. He is a 20 year war veteran who spent most of his time fighting resistance members in Sector C of the Troll Quaddrant. He is known to always follow orders but will not do so if it goes against his moral beliefs. Bishop believes in treating the enemy with respect and honor, and doing what ever he can to protect all citizens, even those who are against the Chat. When he learned the full extent of the Chat's war crimes, he left their navy and asked to become part of the Galactic Republic. Karl, knowing Bishop was an Admiral who not only never failed, but listened to orders, was happy to take him in. 
  • Wilc0 - Was an Administrator for the Chat Empire before The Chat Schism. Once word got out that Karl and Vidmas7er were going to be executed, Wilc0 stepped down due to his close relationship with Karl. However, when the entire planet of Eafth was engulfed in the vicious battle that soon followed, Wilc0 started gathering up civilians to fight back against the Chat. With their help, plus assistance from the Republic Guard, they were able to set up a forward operating base underneath the city of Omega. Wilc0 can best be described as someone who is willing to scratch your back if you do the same. He will do what ever it takes to protect someone, as long as he knows they can help him in someway.
  • Fireteam Umbra - PFC Samantha Longshore, PFC Ian Smith, Cpl Ash Hopskins, and Sgt Roy O'Connor. They were a fireteam of the Republic Guard. They were assigned to help Sora and Shiro secure a Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyer during the Assault on Mu Gasto. Unfortunately, the entire team was wiped out by the air defenses during the attack.
  • Team Blowtorch - Jasmine Sky, "FearHawk," Wade Walton, Charismar, Commadore Sean, Welsh Stevens, Steven Walkin, and Kevin Savage. They are a a group of Republic Sentinels aboard the NRS (New Republic Ship) Spirt of Honor. They received a transmission that they couldn't decipher and after telling their captain the ship moved to investigate. The signal turned out to be a trap set up by Chat soldiers on a remote frontier world, who slaughtered the team with their superior numbers. Later on, the Resistance would aid the republic by sending a battlegroup to take care of the Chat. This group included Captain Jennifer Opal's team.

Chat CharactersEdit

  • Sonna and Leo - Two members of The Knights of the Blood, an elite Chat division comprised of their most devout followers. They were aboard the Imminent Victory during the Battle of Eafth, and had orders to kill Xytan 'Montrumai and Fox. After a lengthy fight with the two, it came down to a standoff where 'Montrumai had Sonna hostage and Leo had Fox. However, before terms could be discussed, Sonna and Leo looked each other in the eye, knowing exactly what to do. Sonna blew herself up, almost killing 'Montrumai, and Leo shot Fox point blank, though his armor protected him from death. Before Leo could take a second shot, he was teleported back to his team as they were leaving the ship. Leo is a heavy weapon specialist who was willing to do what ever it took to kill the two. Sonna, a devout believer in the Chat's cause, was someone who liked to always say a joke and smile, even in death. 
  • Krestof - A delegate that was payed by the Chat to act as a human bomb during the delegation on Gaeto. His bomb did not go off however, has a combined effect by Megan and Jess was able to block its wireless signal. After DMR shot him, he was handed over to Karl who proceeded to torture him on the hopes of making him talk. However, after a second bomb went off, Karl killed Krestof after peeling off his skin, smashing his organs with a hammer, and breaking multiple bones through out his body. Krestof claimed he was only doing it to ensure the Chat did not come after his people, but Karl did not care about his reasons, and killed him in cold blood. 
  • Lord - He was the orchestrator behind the New Eden Crisis. Known by his signature hooded appearance, he is the first of the Chat's 119th generation to join the fight against the Coalition.  
  • Admiral Cambridge - One of the most respect Admirals in the Chat Fleet, she has fought in countless battles. When the SS Arno was infiltrated by Xenomorphs, she was contacted by Denal Wedge that evacuation was needed, and she set out to assist. She was 58 years old with greying blonde hair and blue eyes. She also was very serious and calm.  
  • Colonel Kekenia - A high ranking Chat officer who made an appearance during the Battle of New Haven as he confronted the Republic operative Megan. Though he was skilled in his use of the force and with a laser cutlass, he was outmatched when forced to fight with his bare hands. He would severely injure Megan during the fight but she would eventually kill him by crushing his skull against a wall. 

Mandalorian Characters Edit

  • The Maximite - the name that humans have begun to use for an extremely deadly assassin-class mandalorian first encountered during the invasion of Beta Maximus 35b. The Maximite harassed Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution forces upon their arrival onto Beta Maximus 35b's soil. He has killed many sanghelli at a time and has downed a pelican without any assistance. He is considered by many to be the most dangerous Mandalorians encountered in the campaign. After the fall of Beta Maximus 35b he was drafted by a hooded figure to kill the aristocracy of the Kig-yar at the recently discovered kig-yar base of New Eden. There he was killed by Spartan Blake as payback for the beheading of Kyle Wigan of Savior Team on Beta Maximus 35b.
  • Commander Pettit - A Mandalorian commander that participated in the Battle of Tougonia. He was arrogant and ruthless, and had a reputation of being a fierce swordsman. Despite this, a member of the Elite Remnant Legion was able to kill him in a duel within seconds.   
  • Jastor Vizsla - One of the many Mandalorians that attacked Charmer's downed assault force. After air support to aid Charmer arrived, most of the Mandalorians were killed leaving Vizsla the last man standing. However, he still fought until he was shot by Yozoz, then finished off by Charmer. He was the nephew of the famous Tor Vizsla.   
  • Von Heft- A fierce mandalorian field marshal who was also a infamous jackal hunter. He had a few minor victories against Team Heretic Dinofox and Elite Remant Legion during the early war. He was eventually bested by Lord of the Stars in a duel.   

Miscellaneous CharactersEdit

  • MIA Survivor - The only Spartan of OPERATION: GLAIVE to be MIA. After the failed hijacking of a Phantom, the MIA Survivor paired up with Spartan Bray for a few days, but was clearly not present when the latter was rescued by the Unnamed Field Marshall.
  • The Lone Delta SEAL - One of the Delta survivors, which now number in the single-digits. As will all other SEALS, he received extremely vigorous training to become an elite soldier. He apparently has some kind of vocal chord mutation that prevents him from speaking.
  • Bronze Xenomoph - One of the two Xenomorph that infiltrated the cruise liner SS Arno. It killed many passengers and most of the Colonial Marines and crew. It also wounded the Chat Agent Vladmir.
  • Gray Xenomorph - One of the two Xenomorphs that infiltrated the SS Arno. It was large for a Xenomorph and killed several passengers, including the Unggoy Dornog, and a Siren who supposedly worked for the Resistance.

Gallery Edit

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