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This article contains a list of races that are native to the THDF universe, and make appearances, but are not significant enough to receive their own articles

Sentient RacesEdit

  • Carkosiatts - A race of large, humanoid insects that slightly resemble a praying mantis. They are an aggressive species that work as high-end mercenaries or enforcers, and are shown to be unphased by small arms fire and can easily utilize large heavy ordnance equipment without hinderance to their agility. The only known member of this race to appear in a roleplay was an unnamed prisoner during the Beta Maximus 35b conflict .
  • Dervish - Small, red-skinned humanoids that mostly resemble an average human, except that they have extreme hair growth and are slightly more ape-like. A Dervish prisoner was seen among the 30 survivors of the prisoner brawl who were forced to fight against the Scouting Fleet forces. Another pick-pocketed Spartan Bray's magnum on New Eden, which she needed to kill a sniper perched in a building.
  • Aurators - The black-scaled race. They have an odd scent many races find attractive. They are masters of space travel. They have no sense of individuality. Their government is efficient, although they've not yet mastered even one world. They come from a high-gravity, resource-rich world with a very low gravity. Tyler Alshwind reluctantly infiltrated their planet and assassinated three leaders while training under Jango Al Ghul.
  • Polaran - An armored race that has an almost identical appearance to the Huragok, save for a fleshy colored hue. This race has elongated limbs. They fly by means of gas sacks. Detatched body parts can be grafted back on with ease. Biologically they are inclined to be mystics. They can change genders under certain conditions. Their planet of origin is a world that has a single moon and is known for being an excellent place to observe astronomical phenomena.
  • Vulfen - A wolf-like race with large ears that give them a keen sense of hearing. They travel through galaxies with advanced technologies not becuase they are intelligent enough to make it themselves, but because they are brutal enough to hunt other race to near extinction and steal from them. Some arrived in the THDF Galaxy with the intention of destroying all, but were easily tricked by Yozoz to leave.


  • Watt Berry - Small, very sweet berries native to Beta Maximus 35b. Harvested by Unggoy from the Scouting Fleet.
  • Swampfruit - A large, green, cucumber shaped fruit native to Beta Maximus 35b that tastes surprisingly sweet. The starving soldiers in Charmer's battlegroup ate these for much needed nutrition.

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