• Humans


    : Also known as strange monkey creatures humans have the highest population in the galaxy and inhabit and practically dominate virtually every inhabited system in the galaxy. Humans typically go to where ever they feel most comfortable. Thinking of them selves as special little snow flakes humans have millions of people just like them inhabiting the same comfort level as their neighbors. Including tropical preferrers, below freezing preferrers, wet climate preferrers, desert preferrers, bio dome required preferrers, city life preferrers, country life preferrers, tribal life preferrers, and ranging through all kinds of technological levels from stone age to pre-intergalactic.
  • Jiralhanae: Jiralhanae are only known to inhabit the planet Moris, sadly this remains as so short.
  • Unggoy: In spite of how fast unggoy are suppose to breed, they have the lowest population in the galaxy. THis is because the only known Unggoy are Ex-Covenant who arrived in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution, and don't actually inhabit colonies on any terrestrial body.  The rest live as "hobos" who hide in space stations and hitch rides to other parts of the galaxy by stowing away on starships.
  • Sirens:
    More modern mod - Copy

    A Siren.

    With a population of nearly 33 billion sirens known also as Aquamarinears or the people of Aquamarine, have a mild population, and their for only mild influence. Most of them reside in the Hygerios system, 96% of which are in space colonies out side their planet Aquamarine its self. They inhabit some frontier planets as well as many planets in the UGR depending on the economy and hunting/fishing regulations. Though they eat plant matter to help with digestion or for medical effects being carnivore they cannot survive with out meat, and being large and having a big metabolism they need a lot of meat. On planets where meat is to expensive or hunting/fishing laws can only support smaller appetites only the very reach sirens can live hear with out starving. Much like if they where to live on real world earth in a human society, with modern day prices for meat they simply don't fit it dew to their diet. Sirens on UGR planets pose a serious threat to those who wish to invade the planet such as the chat. Unless you deal with local siren residents militia if you only conquer a planets land, the UGR will only recapture that land by sea to land naval combat before you have a chance to celebrate what you thought was victory. Like bull sharks siren kidneys can regulate allowing them to populate both fresh and salt water.
  • Halo-3-ODST-Wallpaper-Tayari-Plaza-132-JACKAL-SNIPER
    Kig-Yar: Kig-yar tend to show up anywhere they can get hired. Contrary to popular belief not all Kig-yar are pirates, many are prospectors, merchants, farmers, and many even simply seek a normal life. Kig-yar are by nature hostile in the name of fortune is common. Kig-yar can be found working for all sides, in factions of their own, and blending in with the background. Kig-yar get around so often it is unknown how many their are, sometimes they seem to show up just out of nowhere when you least expect they where their. They might even be as common as humans. There are technically four subspecies of the Kig-yar (Ibie'shan, Ruutian, SharpYar, T'vaoan).
  • CloudYanme'e: More to come
  • Sangheili: Sangheili tend to hang around frontier sectors where their is a noble cause to fight for. They have a highly land and naval combat culture and want to insure it did not go to waste. Most known sangheili are found with the UFM.
  • Krogan: Krogan tend to be only be seen working with merc factions in THDF and are usually a rare site to come across.
  • Yugaha: A genetic offshoot of the Jiralhanae, the Yugaha are often found working as mercenaries or hired guns. They are more spread out than the Jiralhanae on a galactic scale, but they have yet to reach their parent species population.
  • Xenomorph: A deadly and carnivorous sub-sentient species that arrived in THDF via unknown means, these creatures are very illusive and have only made a couple know encounters with the Chat Empire - all of them have been deadly tragedies.
  • Turian: Turians are usually seen in most parts of the galaxy, they also have there own fleet and empire, but tend to stay out of conflicts and keep most of there affairs to themselves.
  • Eliksni: More to come

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