Log 1Edit

2 Star Crafts have been launched deeper into space then ever yet before. This space program is under watch by a 3 way system, a system being monitored by a space station in the Ptranosaurian galaxy.

Watching both by the monitoring of the station, the ship, and the eyes of the first 2 galacticnauts eyes through their brain implants, the signal is monitored by only the most elite members of the galaxy before it will be declassified to the public.

On a floating city 450000ft in the sky hovering in the clouds, in the center a gravity lift beaming up a pillar of lava from a volcano below, on a unknown planet, in the capital of the city is a great palace, and on the thrown sits a Ptranosaurian, watching 6 screens.

One of the Ptranosaurian officers speaks: "Your Majesty, the 2 diplomats have arrived at the new galaxy, right on calculation."

The one in the thrown smiles: "Excellent!"

The officer seems unease.

The one on the thrown notices "My good man, you are in the presence of Emperor Ptrano-Kaminao-moto-shen-rah-karrRin, Why do you seem upset? tell me what troubles you, their is nothing I cannot do to make it better."

The officer: "My Emperor, I do not see the logic in this plan. You send only 2 diplomats bring world peace to a entire galaxy? How do you even know the savages won't shoot them on sight with their primitive weapons, let alone even welcome them?"

Emperor Ptrano-kaminao-moto-shen-rah-karrRin: "We can hope they will Harnan-ratan. We can hope they will."

Officer Harnan-ratan: "Hope? a extra galactic diplomatic mission, and success is based on hope? With all do respect, how can you be sure this is going to work?"

Emperor Ptrano-kaminao-moto-shen-rah-KarrRin: "Watch, both sides are responding to their guests. We will see how their plea for invitation goes."

Log 2Edit

Emperor: "Weal, so far the results are as expected."

Officer: "Expected? But, your majesty, 0 progress made as of yet, Diplomat Kamin-natona-havaca-toom-hym has malnutrition and has abandon the facility he was LOCKED UP AND NEGLECTED IN, to SURVIVE, and find his wife, has shown appearance of hostility tword a native, and we have lost contact with the other diplomat the entire arrival. She is either mia kia or still hasn't come out of her travel pod."

The emperor: Exactly.

The Officer: "And you still think this is going to WORK????!"

Emperor: "You don't get it do you? All has gone Exactly according to plan, I want them to fail."

Officer: "But then the fleet for plan B! They where suppose to keep it from being necessary to bring blood shed. Your majesty! Our people are about keeping peace, not starting wars!"

Emperor: "Its called propaganda, my military needs to believe they are doing the right thing by following my orders, exactly as I command. I grow tired of peace, I have ruled this galaxy for 7000 years, and I grow board with it. Its time we bring back the age of expanding and growing our empire onto a extra galactic scale. And you, will speak nothing of it, to anyone, or you will mysteriously disappear. Got it?"

The officer: "Sigh.... Yes emperor. But, what if they don't fail their diplomatic mission? Even you are bound by your oaths."

Emperor: "Does one have to keep a promise, that he knows they won't have to make. If a merical happens of corse I will keep my word and call off the invasion.... Hmm hmm hmm but I won't have to." he says tapping the arm of his thrown with his claws "Because they will fail. Their mission is impossible. As planed."

Log 3Edit

Hours latter at the palace of the Ptranosaurian empire, the emperor and his most trusted officer watch the screen, viewing the progress of the diplomats.

The officer: "It would seem the native savages have misinterpreted your message to them your grace, they think we want to take control of their galaxy and have no plans to back off if they show us they are in fact capable of governing their own people."

The Emperor: "Most unfortunate, this simple minded creatures jump to the extream, looks like the diplomats will fail, but our armada will not."

The officer: "Of corse, having observed their galaxy for so long, we already knew about their nature to jump to a dramatic conclusion. And it doesn't help that we SILL sent them in brainwashed to give a loaded message DESIGNED to trigger their lust for a war!" Harnan-ratan says in a disgusted tone out of protest.

The Emperor: "Are you questioning my jurisdiction?"

The officer: "6043 years ago you said a true leader should be questioned, so it be he may prove him self and his people will remember his wisdom deems him indeed worthy. Are you still that same leader? With all due respect if we went to war with them it would be like cattle againced the butcher, they would be defenseless. Have you gone mad?"

Ptrano-kaminao-moto-shen-rah-KarrRin begins to grow irritated.

The officer continues to speak out of line: "And if you attack those who are defenseless, then you are no Ptranosaurian, your a coward!"

Having heard enough the emperor grabs his officer by the throat igniting a sword of fire: "If you EVER, call me a coward again, I will kill you! Is that understood?"

The officer nods fearfully.

"And don't you forget your place again!" He releases him, and resumes watching the broadcast from the station.

Log 4Edit

Hours latter in the Ptranosaurian palace.

The officer: "I can't bear to watch, Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym is completely ignorant as to the natives interpretation on the message."

The emperor chuckles with mischief.

The officer: "Herronuna-ackuak-him has been awaken, this can only get worse." he says feeling horrible about the situation. "This is bad.... wait, their may be a glimmer of hope...."

The emperor: "What are you talking about? she is starting to catch on. *grumbling while tapping his thrown arm rest with his claws* "Still 15 years to reach their galaxy, all I can do is watch. Can't have our pawns realize their being played."

The officer: "So, if they don't fail their mission?"

The Emperor: "Please, do shut up, your as annoying as a swarm of insects."

Log 5Edit

Hours latter the Emperor watches the final chapter in the diplomats mission.

Mean while, the 2 diplomats are traveling through slip space in their ship, they give their final report. "This is Diplomat Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym. Me and my wife have gotten so close, but in the end, we had to simply face facts. The natives of this galaxy cannot be negotiated with. The only thing they understand is war. When ever we would speak of peace, they hear it as though its just another form of war. When we warned them they may soon have a war with us, they welcomed the possibility with open arms. We have decided to except our failure, thus we give you our resignation. We have failed our mission, and their for we are no longer Ptranosaurians, as it is againced our way to fail. Please forgive the shame we have brought on. We will disappear to a remote world, just the 2 of us, set our ship to self destruct, put our tools in with it, and just live off the land as we did in the iron age. We will tell no one which planet to we will go, as we do not want to be bothered. Not by the treat of being drafted to fight these people, not by the natives who despise us because of the burden of your message. Their so far from civilization they even considered killing us for delivering the message. Our last request before we disable communications, is when your mighty conquering fleet comes, please, go easy on them. I have seen their orbital defense, at their military capacity compared to ours, they would not have the luxury of being able to call it any more then a massacre. So I hope your sure you want that stain on Ptranosaurian honor. End final transmission."

As the message is sent, the 2 go to the machine at the galactic travil pod and stand their. The machine injects them with a surige instantly numbing all pain, they stand in a transe like state as it surgically removes the implants from their brains, and puts them into a incinerator. The wound it then stitched up and a beam of light regenerates the flesh healing it instantly. They then put the coords into the navigation, then, as its set, they cut out the com unit.

Log 6 Edit

Year 45 million 24 and 17, we have arrived at our new home. I Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym with my eternal lover Herronuna-ackuak-him, have chosen to live hear, on a planet we call Esandu. The planet is far from the primitive natives who would likely try to kill us for our only crime, delivering the message of our empire. The planet is very beautiful, the polar ice caps are mild in the mass they take up of the planet, the moon is black as obsidian, and the volcanoes keep the weather calm yet windy. The wind is gentle, makes it easy to fly, and the constant spark of forest fire causes the growth of flowers very similar to that in our galaxy.

The trees are tall and grow back from the root like a weed, and grow swiftly. The animals are beautiful, if their is a God he truly did make them well. The rivers flow as the love we have for each other.

No other people live hear, not yet. We have detonated our ship with every piece of technology we came hear with, lest our people find this planet, and remember our shame in failing to bring an end to war, and to prevent a new one.

But like all planets in the universe this planet has iron, and with our fire we can forge, and make the tools we need to thrive.

We have chosen a nice spot, high mountains with running streams from which we can fly great distances before getting to tired to but glide. With the rocks we will build a tower for a house, from which even greater height, it shall stand 120ft tall, and as time passes we will dig under it to make its rooted foundation bigger. With wood from the forest we can put a fire at its top to signal each other from afar. We will forget our lives as it was in the past, choose to live in peaceful bliss at the inevitable events that will take place in the future, and instead live with each other.

The star that the planet orbits is beautiful, the forest full of life, life to live with, each other to live with, we will never be alone.

We will live by hunting the animals, yet will we conserve them and insure their will always be plenty, never over hunting. Behold their beauty, their verity, their drive to continue. See how they that are male and female seek to impress the other, the females strive to bring up their young. How many young might the female have? She does first consider they will need food, and seek safety away from predators. She does guard them with her body, that it may break that her offspring will not. All being well in the world, why should not she have many?

See the flowers as they bloom, their beauty attracts the fly. The fly has many lovers, but a Ptranosaurian has only one true love. We could not presway others to live in peace, but why should we not presway our selves?

The night comes, the stars are many. But the stars do remind. They make it hard not to think of the native people of this galaxy, and their inevitable future. Resist the stars, ignore their call, we shall think only of each other, and look not at the sky at night. Pray will we that our people will not find this planet as lovely as do we, lest they mock at our paradise, that we do not deserve, lest they remind us of our mission, that we did not choose to die for the cause. But should any come, be they native or of some other sea of stars, should they treat us with respect, we being no longer of the empire are but of our will, and we will that we return being kind unto them. But should they come as hostiles, we cannot allow them to prevail, we will flee, we will fight, and we will hide, for as long as we have each other to live for.

Why continue we to seek to live when we know so many will die? Nay, none shall die, for we will willingly forget their are any out their, and forbid our selves to wonder what we have forgot. As do the creatures of this planet seek to continue, so to small we.

How beautiful is my lover? yay she is as beautiful as she has always been, and as always she will be. Her voice is as the morning, cool, warming ever and ever the more, with many color, and the awakening of all the day. Her eyes are as the star of the planet, glory it is hard to stare into with out growing blind to everything else. Her wings are as the evening, powerful, yet gentle. Her heart is as the flowers of the forest, blooming brightly with nectar enough for all the insects, that they find nourishing love. I shall never leave her nor forsake her, though the future is full of none but trouble, hopefully, not for us. Hopefully never for us.

Hope I do that we never face danger, as with out something to cause death, Ptranosaurians never grow old. Oh that we may be together for eternity, and no one else to bother.

Log 7: "It Has Begun" Edit

Many years have passed as I have been on this planet with my lover Kamin-natona-hacava-toom-hym. The seasons have shifted, our honeymoon has ended, he has fertilized my eggs, I have laid them with love in our nest. We have taken turns guarding them, they have hatched, now we have 12 beautiful children. They have grown to the age of 8 years old now. I and my lover have well adapted to living on Esandu with out our peoples technology quite well. We have built a vineyard out of wild berries, with which we make fine brandy, the alchohal helps stabilize our fire. We have tamed the wild beast we call the vollock, fencing them by the tower to raise for meat and leather when hunting doesn't go well. But today, we are not alone. An alien craft has crashed in the forest, survivors are unarmed, they are of the species that call them selves the human race. The creatures are unarmed, traumatized, 8 adults, 4 teenagers, 22 children. I investigated the crash, they are alive, they are in low supplies. "DON'T KILL US!!!" cried one of the adult females. "PLEASE DON'T KILL US!!!" "I would never do such a thing." I insured them. "I am Herronuna-ackuak-him. Come, surly you must be hungry. we have plenty to eat. Tell me, what happened?" The traumatized human creatures told me of a planet under attack by the empire we had spoken for many years ago, just as I knew they would be, they where helpless to defend them selves. These humans had fled in their family space yatch in terror to save them selves from what they believed inevitable doom. "How do we know we can trust you after what your kind did to ours?" That's easy." I then told them. "As of the end of our mission long ago, we are civilians. Do civilians play a direct roll in colonization of native territory? Look, I wear no uniform." And with that, they had come with me to the tower we had built for a home, and we fed them, and treated their wounds with herbs and bandages. Our children played with theirs, and we built them beds. In return we insured no communication equipment remained in tact, lest we get caught up in the war. We had told each other stores, and we had taught the humans to speak in our language, or at least the half that was once the language of the Uvoai'vokan, which their vocal cords can handle. God, oh God, if their is a God, let not these precious moments pass. This is true peace with the native galaxy, please don't let it end, and the foolishness our kinds hypocrisy has brought continue. This friendship must be allowed to survive. At least just a little longer. If anyone comes looking for these people, if I remember rightly how their primitive minds work, they will surly kill us.

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