LAGS-U aircraft

Two LAGS/Us heading into battle.

The favored gunship, transport, utility aircraft of the New Galactic Republic, and to a certain extent the Chat Empire. The term to best describe it in one would be “work horse.”


The LAGS/U is 35 meters long and has a relatively small wingspan of 20 meters. While it can only carry 15 extra troops, it can also carry heavy equipment and vehicles and can even act as it’s own escort and gunship. It is armed with two heavy laser particle beams and two repeating plasma concussion turrets at the nose, eight ANVIL Sidewinder missiles, and two highly charged laser beams on both sides of the LAGS/U. These separate turrets shoot a laser beam that has a one second delay before detonating, causing more damage then a normal laser beam. This aircraft can fly up to mach 1.6 and it known for being able to hold it’s own in battle. However, it lacks the shielding of other dropships like the UD77-Pelican

View in LAGS-U

The view inside of a LAGS/U while the other one gets hit with an anti-air round.

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