A member of the militia using a M250.

The M250 SSW, a modern version of the original Squad Automatic Weapon, is the perfect weapon for providing suppressing fire and a hail storm of death.


The M250 has a muzzle velocity of 900 meters per second and has the ability to empty a standard 100 round magazine in a little over eight seconds. While the gun does suffer from high recoil and lacks accuracy beyond 600 meters, its ability to spit out 6.08x48 Sarcasm rounds at high rates makes it a deadly LMG. There is another variant called the M250 CSSW, which holds only 70 rounds instead of 100, but decreases the weapons' weight. Civilian Militias and select members of the Chat Armed Forces and Republic Guard use this weapon to help lay down suppressing fire. 


  • Extremely fast rate of fire.
  • Intimidating due to size.
  • Bullet velocity is unusually fast.
  • High penetration.


  • Reloading is a long process.
  • Loud.
  • Bulky and difficult to transport.
  • Poor accuracy after a certain distance.
  • High recoil unless stabilized on a bipod or foregrip.
  • Stabilizing on a bipod renders the user immobile.



The M250 Compact Squad Support Weapon.

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