Model 35-Free Fire Launcher
Production information


Model 35


Free Fire Launcher

Technical specifications

Magazine Size

2 missiles

Ammunition Type

105mm High-Explosive Anti-Armor Fire Charge rocket

Muzzle Velocity

300 meters per second



Multiple Factions

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The Model 35-Free Fire Launcher is an explosive ordinance weapon primarily utilized for anti-vehicle and anti-personal jobs. While it is certainly deadly when used for anti-infantry tasks, the massive explosion and lack of detonation on impact makes it very difficult to use in close quarters without great risk of self-harm or friendly-fire.


The M35-FFL has dual chambers that each hold a 105mm High-Explosive Anti-Armor Fire Charge rocket and that each fire it at a velocity of 300 meters per second. The projectile has two phases; an outer shell that burns through shielding, and a fire charge that penetrates armor until it detonates, causing a huge fireball. To reload the weapon, the middle hatch is opened up and the two missiles are loaded in. The barrels need to be swapped out or repaired after certain intervals of constant fire due to the firing process wearing down the rims of the chamber. The system cannot lock onto targets, so the user fires unguided rockets at their desired target. This further encourages the user to utilize it for anti-vehicle purposes.



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