Jess curved blade

The M3c is a deadly curved blade.

Used by hand to hand combat experts, this knife is the perfect weapon for silent assassinations. 


Made of a combination of triple A-Titanium and Inconel, this seven inch blade can cut clean through skin, bone, and even puncture body armor. The handle has finger grips and a guard so the users hand does not slip. This blade excels at slashing throats and is the preferred weapon for those who like to get up close and personal. Due to the shape of the blade, it is better suited for slashing then stabbing. The M3c is the choice combat knife for Jess McKathy.


  • Very light-weight
  • Shaped in such a way that it can be thrown with moderate accuracy
  • Capable of piercing armor
  • Will drag out entrails if pulled out, due to the shape
  • No light emitted; more discreet than the Energy Sword.


  • Due to the curved shape, it does not actually extend all seven inches, somewhat restricting its reach
  • Will easily cut the user if handled carelessly
  • Expensive
  • Not designed for stabbing

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