MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mandalorian IV
, or just Improved Mandalorian Armor, is a MJOLNIR [GEN2] variant intended to be used by the SPARTAN-IV personnel on board the Back with a Vengeance. It was developed using captured technology from the Mandalorian Empire and integrating it with existing UNSC powered assault armor; the result was a hybrid suit that combined the versatility and slight of the Mark III Mandalorian Combat Armor with the strength of the MJOLNIR [Gen2] armor. It was tested at Paradiso, New Eden.

Overview Edit

Unlike the previous installments of MJOLNIR armor, the ceramic-metallic alloy that composes the main armor plates is much more versatile, and can be attached to the metal-alloy under-suit within a matter of seconds. One of the most drastic physical changes between GEN2 and GEN1 MJOLNIR armor is the under-suit. The armor was described by Spartan Bray as being less streamlined than the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Operator variant. The helmet has a distinct T-shaped visor, reminiscent of the venerable Mandalorian Deathwatch helmet. It is known that the Improved Mandalorian Armor requires a software update in addition to a compatibility pack to support all the features of the suit. Because of this, it can be assumed that the HUD and other internal functions are different.

The Improved Mandalorian Armor also cannot equip armor abilities due to the built in thrusters.

Specifications Edit

The Improved Mandalorian armor sacrifices maximum shield capacity, shield recharge rate, and hazard resistance in order to divert the extra power to the other functions of the suit. Specifically, the total shielding of the Improved Mandalorian Armor is less than two-thirds of the standard MJOLNIR [Gen2] variant. Overall, the suit is designed for short-term deployment due to its pure combat specialization and lack of endurance; akin to a berserker. It is likely that the armor can be modified on varying scales based on wearer preference, but Aylin Bray is the only known user of the model, as it is unknown if Spartan Team Savior ever donned the new suits. Below is a list of attachments and modules observed on Spartan Bray's Improved Mandalorian Armor:

  • Thrust jets on the lower back
  • Adapted Kig-yar energy shield projector located on the left forearm (right if user is left handed)
  • EMP Palm launcher on left gauntlet
  • Laser Palm launcher on right gauntlet
  • Binocular visor attachment
  • Shock absorbers

Below is a list of attachments and modules described by the armory AI, but passed up by Spartan Bray, thus having never been tested in the field:

  • Flamer; utilizes internal systems to superheat the compressed propane as it shoots out. The massive power intake of this module doesn't allow shields
  • Grapple hook; more quiet alternative to the thrust jets
  • Collapsible vibroblade
  • Scanner visor attachment; thermal/night vision
  • Shoulder-mounted turret; requires a gunner AI, and cuts the shield capacity by half due to power intake

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being named "Mandalorian IV," the Improved Mandalorian Armor came from a completely different line and manufacturer than the Mark I, II, and III Mandalorian armor variants, which were produced by the original designers of this armor.
  • Ironically, this armor is dubbed as "improved," but utilizes thrust jets, which are inferior to the standard jet-packs that Mandalorians use.

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