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Madam Celestial Saber Is a pirate queen who for many years controlled the star quadrate of Yoth's sun. She is Lord of the STARS's mate, and queen of the Guardians of Eden.


Madam Celestial Saber in battle attire


She is tall, of medium strength, and her main weapon is a crystal shard sword called Royal Razor. She wears light armor and is described by Stars as "very very beautiful". Her eyes are ruby red. She has callused padded scales rather then quills. These pads give her so much protection they can take a single blow from a hatchet without losing a lot of blood. She is more cunning, clever and wise then Lord of the Stars. Aside from the light armor she, also wears a collar class necklaces made of gold with a ruby in the center, 2 bracelets made the same way, and 6 silver rings with 2 green, 2 blue and 2 purple gem stones. Her fellow Kig-yar say her skin is flawlessly smooth and feels soft and leathery.

Early lifeEdit

Madam Celestial Saber was the daughter of the queen of a matriarch Kig-Yar pirate clan. The tribe was lead by females, who loved their males and where very proud of them. The females were raised in a warrior culture so they looked for mates who were both handsome and battle hardened. While she was still young her mother received a letter from the Chat Empire stating that the star quadrant they ruled was now ceded to the Chat Empire. It also said they were to submit to the Chat's new laws and welcome a delegation fleet who would teach them their new way of life. At first, her mother thought that the Chat where joking, but it was latter made clear when the Chat brutally attacked the kig-Yar base, killing many including unhatched children, and her mother was taken captive and brutally tortured to death by T3CHNOCIDE. Madam Celestial Saber gathered the survivors and fled, swearing revenge. She later met Lord of the Stars and she joined him to make a large empire.

Fighting the ChatEdit

When she came to Yoth, it was mostly to repair her fleet for combat, but she would have to defend her allies at the rebel base. She and Lord of the Stars fought side by side as best they could, but in the end it was not enough, and Yoth fell. Once it fell, she had to flee the star quadrant forever, because without her allies support, she no longer had any hope of keeping her territory out of the Chat hands.

She and Lord of the Stars came together before the next big mission; they continued to fight side by side and brought terror to the Chat's terrestrial and space forts, minor defended planet cities, and more. The couple was victorious wherever they went. The Chat from then on said a famous prayer, "Save us oh God, from the wrath of the Kig-yar".

Delegation on Gaeto Edit

The couple continued to get closer and closer. She, pregnant at the time, went with Lord of the Stars to the Delegation on Gaeto, to help with one of her great skills, diplomacy.

However, the delegation was canceled after terrorists attacked, STARS brought her home safely to their home, New Eden. She was brought to nest, and did so until her eggs hatched. They had two sons and a daughter. She continued to guard the fort in case the Chat found and attacked it, while her husband went to go fight the Chat on Mu Gasto. If the planet stays in STARS's control, she will bring her fleet with supplies to keep the planet guarded, as well as their three children, and they will discuss which parts of the planet their tribe can inhabit as more territory. Saber returned home and had the couple's children.

Their Children Edit

By the time the children where only weeks away from being old enough to use a knife with out supervision it had finally been decided once and for all they deserve dignifying names. The names have been changed to Lord of the Stars the second because he is a nature leader among his siblings, and may continue that streak. The other son is named krith jr because Kirth was the name of grandfather who was killed by a sangheili war lord. and the daughter was named Cholyar because it sounds like a delightful name, she has her mothers brains and looks.

Mu Gasto Edit

Over a month passed since the last word Lord of the STARS heard from Karl and DMR, or anyone or anything that was suppose to help with the invasion of Mu Gasto as his fleet just sat idle in space.

Once in awhile as Madam Celestial Saber took care of the children she would call him and to see how he was doing. She was disappointed to hear that her lover hadn't even entered battle. In one conversation she bragged that if she had a baby sitter she could trust and could join his fleet, that together they could have conquered 3 planets in the time wasted at Mu Gasto had they focused fully on Beta Maximus 35b.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

Thanks to an anonymous T'vaoan, a babysitter had been found for her temporarily while she went to Beta Maximus 35b to show that her brag was a fact. When her fleet arrived days latter, her ship was boarded by Mandalorian assassins. She defeated all but one with her sword, Royal Razor, and blamite daggers while blindfolded before her bodyguards stealthily killed the remaining Mandalorian assassin from behind. She gave reinforcements to Charmer, who had been leading the Guardian's attack.

Crisis on New Eden Edit

When the couple was finished at Beta Maximus they took a vacation on New Eden with the rest of the coalition. But soon it was revealed that Black Fang had secretly recruited Kig-jar on New Eden and had enough members to launch a clandestine offensive. A poisoned Moa was served to Madam Celestial Saber but thanks her cup bearer's sacrifice, Madam Celestial Saber didn't eat the Moa and the Moa was thrown away. Imprinted on the Moa was a saying in Latin. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori". It translates to "Sweet and fitting it is to die for ones country.

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