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Mandalore the Ultimate is the current leader of the Mandalorian Empire. His name is Koft Tonnel.


The title of Mandalore can either be hereditary, claimed by someone who finds the former Mandalore's helment (who has died), or by a arena deathmatch between 10 prospective new Mandlore's (that are from age 20-29) in a arena. Mandalore the Ultimate got his by winning an arena battle. He lived in one of the last 6 Tuang communities in Mandalore. Four of them (including the one he lived in) were all small towns where Taungs lived together to try to preserve the remains of their race. When his village discovered he was a great warrior in non-lethal cultural duels the word spread to the other Mandalorians. Soon the Mandalorian military drafted him and he fought ever since. He was taken by the age of 13.

For the next 8 years he fought training constantly. He exercised all of the time from running, to sprinting, to lifting weights, to push ups, sit ups, to pull ups, to squats, to jumping jacks, and to six inches. He also dueled every day and hunted animals every two days with nothing but, a vibro spear or sword. He even managed to kill some predators with his bare hands. By the time he was twenty one he could bench 800 and lifting 400 on dumbbells. Although his strength was nothing compared to a jarahanse's he was stronger then a spartan. He is eight feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. Mandalore then fought for the title against a few other races (but 7 out of ten were humans). After finishing his fight he became Mandalore. During his early throne he first worked to improve Mandalore's personal economy making many economic policies while, the policies were enforced he spent the next three years on an expedition for knowledge.

Mandalore went to the jungles of Felucia alone asking no one to aid him ,so he could gain more combat experience. He fought many predatory creatures along with native Felucians even killing a local chieftain during his stay. He had no aid and lived off what he could only asking that mandalorians visit his beaconed location where he would return every week to know of his status. After three months Mandalore then returned to his throne in Mandalore only to stay for another three months. After that he went to Kashyyk for another expedition which was to last another three months. He killed many predatory creatures once more and took special serums to protect himself from disease. Then he fought to survive for the next three months. Suddenly, he was captured by local Trandoshan slavers and could not leave on time. Many Mandalorians thought he was dead and had no clue what happened ;but he freed himself while on the ship in space and got captive wookiees to riot. Suddenly the slavers were overthrown and he landed his ship in Mandalore to prove he wasn't dead just when Mandlorians were preparing another deathmatch for a new Mandalore which was canceled.

Throne Edit

Typically as soon as a Mandalore is throned he is given armor to wear publicly and in battle. However, this young Mandlore that named himself Mandalore the Ultimate claimed that he had to full earn his armor in his personal trials which led to his expeditions. During the final three months of the year Mandalore went to Dathomir where he single-handedly killed an entire village of Dathomir witches that wanted him dead. The witches were neutral at first ,but they didn't trust him and thought he wanted their land. Although Mandalore did not yet, have these intensions the Dathomir witches attempted to plaugue him.  Mandalore survived through sheer determination from a bitter flu. Then he learned they had wanted him dead. After learning this he exercised for a week straight preparing to regain his health. The witches later learned he lived when he killed three of them. Then they sent 12 force sentive animals to hunt him and he killed them all with a vibrospear. The next day he went straight to their hang out and killed all 30 of them. Including the mother witch. Then he torched their hang out. After finally killing them off he decided to spend the next year training Mandlorians to fight.

By now Mandalore finally believed he earned his armor and started wearing it; but he felt like he still had much work to complete. Mandalore promoted extreme nationalism and created military parades. Mandalorians have always been nationalist and militaristic through out history ;but during certain time periods are even more then usual (which is not a good thing for everyone else). Mandalore started arming its military with multiple deadly star wars weapons. By now Mandalore was 24 and planned to have another great expedition.This time with halo races. Mandalore went out to the Jarahanse home world to the outskirts of the land. These jarahanse had limited ground technology. He went out and explored their land until a clan wanted him dead.

Mandalore fought against  6 jarahanse that attempted to kill him and with nothing but his armor and a vibro spear he managed to kill them all. They were lead by a brute captain with a brute shot who was also slain. This brute clan didn't have power armor with shields. Only the captain's had any armor which was still limited. The chieftan on the other hand had full power armor with shields. Mandalore then confronted the chieftain and challenged him in a duel. If Mandalore won he could not be attacked by any jarahanse and had the right to enter their territory whenever he pleased. The chieftan agreed then they fought. Mandalore kills the chieftain this time using a vibrosword and shield (which was indirectly knocked out of his hand during the beginning of the fight). After he won he decapitated the chieftain then was honored reluctantly.

After this victory Mandalore headed for more adventure heading to sangheili territory. Mandalore was not welcome in the medium sized city of Golia. The sangheili military welcomed him when he landed ,but then mandalorian military came by his side. Mandalore insisted that there didn't need to be a battle and he only wanted to trade. As he eventually started doing with the jarahanse that he met earlier. A sangheili field marshal asked if he would just leave altogether ,but Mandlore demanded he talk to someone even more important. The field marshal was appalled saying the lesser species was fortunate to even have him negotiate. Mandalore instantly killed the sangheili for disrespecting him causing a battle. The

Mandalore leading his forces in ballistic wardroids.

local sangheili fought hard ,but were bested by Mandalore's platoon who stopped a garrison of covenant consisting of uggnoy, kig yar, yan'me, and sangheili. Most were ultimately slaughtered besides the sangheili though. After the fight an arbiter was sent to stop everything. This arbiter was then challenged to duel Mandalore. The two fought and the arbiter broke Mandalore's left arm. Reguardless Mandalore still killed the arbiter using a vibrospear. After such a defeat a prophet asked Mandalore to trade secretly if the entire event could be classified. Mandalore agreed and the Coveant public wasn't told of the event.

A year later the Great Scism occurred. Then Mandalore decided to begin his conquests starting with small worlds in the outer rim. By now Mandalore is still only 34 ,but has more combat and political experience then many 40 or 50 year old leaders and has been fighting or training for about 20 straight years. Then the young Mandalore was goaded by the Chat Empire to join forces with them and to attack the rest of the galaxy that wasn't under their control along with Team Heretic Dinofox to prove that they were afraid of no foes and to expand their empire. Which was all part of Chat's true plan to destroy Team Heretic Dinofox. Chat has also provied world crafts and wealth to the Mandalorian Empire for making such decisions. By the time the human coveant war was over Mandalore already had a bit of an Empire. Then he started expanding his Empire to the mid rim and to the general public where everyone saw what threat he was. During these conquests the Elite Remant Legion and Team Heretic Dinofox discovered the Empire's existence which lead to the invasion of the Tactical Asteriod. Now Mandalore the Ultimate plans on invading Eafth itself finally claiming even more power.

War with the Chat EmpireEdit

Eventually the Mandalorian Empire betrayed the Chat Empire because they believed they could defeat them as well and use what they gained from the Chat Empire to conquer the galaxy. This lead to the Second Battle of Eafth. In the end the mandalorians were defeat ,but Eafth was devastated throughout the planet. After the Invasion of Eafth the Chat Empire declared war on the Mandalorian Empire.

A fight with destinyEdit

During the Battle of Come Mandalore fought and killed Conite during a duel. Though the mandalorians were victorious Mandalore was nearly killed by Maximus Fett who betrayed Mandalore for his title. Then the chat empire admins that captured him erased his memory and sent him to the Galactic Republic so the public in the Chat Empire would never find out. Believing if the public found out they would have doubts in the Chat Empire's ability to protect them since they relied on using the mandalorian leader against them just to win.

After these events most people thought that Mandalore had died. Koft fought hard for the republic forces thinking he was one of them and eventually helped them win many victories. Then the day came that Mandalore's true identity was exposed by Maximus Fett who became Mandalore the Undisputed. Even though this happened Mandalore's new allies remained loyal to him due to the experiences they shared with him.

Koft then went to an ancient temple that Mandalore the Undisputed had been discovered going to. Then Mandalore learned about the new Mandalore's plot to use the fleet forge (an ancient space station that has an insanely fast production capacity) then Mandalore fought at the planet below the fleet forge to disable a gravity generator that pulls down ships from space. Then Mandalore boarded the fleet forge with various allies in an effort to defeat Mandalore the Undisputed before he conquers the galaxy. Mandalore was successful and managed to kills Mandalore the Undisputed in combat.

Reclaiming the throneEdit

After his victory Koft returned to New Mandalore where he claimed his throne and the senate decided to hold an election. Then Koft used his public support to ask for a public election. The senators did not want to risk enraging the public ,so they allowed the third public election in mandalorian history. Then Koft Tonnel was elected Mandalore.


Mandalore the Ultimate's armor is immune to ballistic weapons (which will just bounce off upon contact as long as he is not shot through his visor) as long as he is not headshot through his visors, can take light plasma fire (about 10 plasma pistol shots or 3 fully charged plasma pistol shots), can take medium blaster fire (about 8 blaster rifle shots), and can take minor explosives (such as frag grenade ,but not a plasma grenade). Mandalore's armor can even take up to 3 beam rifle shots before killing him (as long as none of them are head shots). His armor could also take indirect fuel rod gun damage without sustained major injuries. Mandalore's armor can light up if he is in a dark environment by pressing a button on the bottom of his armor under his right wrist which will make it shine a gold light around him allowing him to see. Because mandalore's armor was actually made to be more resilient against ranged weapons rather then melee weapons his armor can be easily penetrated by an energy sword or lightsaber which would brake through his armor after one hit. Mandalore's armor is a bit more effective against vibro weapons or metal weapons though and can take up to five direct hits just to kill him. His armor can also take direct fire from a focus rifle for about 10 seconds before being breached. Mandalore's armor is also fire proof and will allow him to breath in space. He has a rapid fire wrist blaster on his right hand as well for ranged combat.

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