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The Mandalorian Assault Fighter is a quick Mandalorian fighter that is armed with multiple missiles. It is believed these vehicles were supplied by the Chat.

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A Mandalorian Assault Fighter being shot down

Assault FighterEdit

Although they resemble average air fighters these vehicles have the ability to go in space and travel over 300 miles an hour. These vehicles have a need for speed and each one comes with 1 pilot. These vehicles are used for ambushes, quick attacks, air strikes, stealth attacks, and they often support Kom'rk transports while in battle clearing a path for them to drop off Mandalorian raiders. These vehicles only come with 8 missiles plus two machine gun turrets that are small and difficult to notice. Many Remnant races made fun of these "barbaric vehicles" until they started destroying Banshees, competing with decent Star Wars fighters, and even Vermires.

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