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The Mandalorians celebrating a victory.

The Mandalorian Warrior does not fear defeat, but they seek victory; they are fearless and brutal warriors. They have no regard for civilian casualties on the opposing side, seeing no difference between a soldier or a non-combatant, all which is in the name of victory. The Mandalorian Empire will never fall back. On top of all of that they are capable warriors, who refuse to stop fighting until they've taken near 100% casualties, and the survivors leave hundreds of traps and inconveniences for the enemy as they retreat. With The Chat Schism now spreading all across the galaxy, their time to strike is now.


The Mandalorian Empire is militaristic, and led by an Emperor; who calls himself Lord Mandalore. Several different kinds of Mandalorian infantry have been identified so far:

Three Mandalorians

From left to right, a Warrior, a Paladin, and an Assassin

  • Warriors- Typical combat unit deployed in the field. Individually, they are roughly on par with a Sangheili Ultra or a Delta SEAL. They will use any weapon they can get their hands on, but prefer assault rifles, submachine guns, and snipers. Unlike the Ultras, they lack energy shielding.
  • Raiders- These are the most famous mandalorians and the second most common class. Mandalorian raiders have jet packs, flame throwers, and wrist-mounted concussive missiles. Mandalorian raiders are the primary mandalorian troopers in raid missions and they are often basic support soldiers in average battles. They outflank their enemies with ease and are on par with Sangheili Generals, or members of the Republic Sentinels.
  • Paladins- Heavily armored fighters that are meant to take the hits rather than dodge them. They move slowly and are not very agile, but they are equipped with thruster kits to allow limited nimble movement. They are usually armed with heavy weapons like launchers and machine guns. Although Paladins are higher ranking and more rare than Warriors, they are far less versatile, only suited for heavy ordnance jobs, in which they almost always succeed.
  • Assassins- Lightly armored soldiers that specialize in extreme short range combat. They are known to use melee weapons, pistols and shotguns. They are the rarest kind of Mandalorian soldier encountered thus far, but also the deadliest, as a pair of Assassins could easily take on an entire squad of Sangheili.
  • Veterans- Mandalorian veterans outrank average mandalorians. There rank is about equal to a lieutenant in battle. Mandalorian veterans have silver amor and they are typically in command of a Mandalorian Battery (8 Warriors, 4 Paladins, and 2 Assassins). Mandalorian veterans alone are capable of killing multiple Sangheili. A veteran is about equal to a Sangheili field marshal in skill.
  • Commanders- Also called rally commanders, they are Mandalorian Warrior Officers. Their armor looks the same except it is red like a Sangheili Major. Mandalorian Commanders are even more deadly than most mandalorian warriors due to their experience. Normally one Mandalorian Commander is in command of every Mandalorian platoon. A mandalorian commander is about equal to an arbiter in skill.
  • Mandalorian Militia- They are local Mandalorians that are given a minimal training and basic equipment. They are on the level of Major Domos.
    Mandalorian Field Marshal

    A Mandalorian Field Master.

    Field Master- 
    Some of the highest ranking Mandalorians there are. These Mandalorians have gold armor similar to a Sangheili General. Mandalorian Field Masters are typically extremely skilled warriors who are in command of an entire mandalorian regiment or army. Most mandalorian Field Masters are about as powerful as the Sangheili counterpart.  Bendak Roth'willia was a Mandalorian Field Master before he became a legendary duelist on Taris, he still wears his old armor in combat.

The Mandalorians are currently led by Lord Mandalore the XVIII, a native Mandalorian who is supposedly the strongest fighter in the galaxy, having led the Mandalorian Empire through multiple golden ages. It is rumored that he has slain thousands of enemies in battle, and conquered a dozen planets while accompanied only by his personal bodyguards. Lord Mandalore is simply a title, as the birth name is forgone for the incredible honor, and each Lord of Mandalore rules for long periods of time due to their relatively longer lifespan. However, once they die, a power struggle breaks out, usually between their closest advisors, until one person is left standing. Those vying for the title fight to the death, with no outside help. The last person standing is then known as the new leader of the Mandalorians. While this system seems brutal, it has worked since the creation of the Mandalorian Empire its self. 


Man coat of arms

The Mandalorian coat of arms.

In direct opposition to their infamy as a ruthless enemy, Mandalorians' cherish family and shower affection upon those they love and care for. In Mandalorian society, marriage is expected to be life-long and usually takes place shortly after a Mandalorian turns sixteen-years-old. A marriage itself is usually a private ceremony between only the two involved and a priest, where they entered into a legal commitment by reciting the following pledge: "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde."—translating as "We are one when together, we are one when parted, we share all, we will raise warriors."

Mandalorians are a conservative people, and it is not uncommon for individuals to amass sizable fortunes. While most put their faith in modern banking practices, putting their earnings into savings accounts and stock market shares, a large portion is invested on armor and weapons. Jewelry is rarely worn, rather sold to foreign traders, though it was to be plain and functional when it was. As with most warrior cultures, children begin to receive combat training by age six, alongside their education and career training, should the latter deviate from military service.

Notable Mandalorian professions outside of the military include:

  • Ship broker
  • Engineer
  • Merchant

Military CapacityEdit

  • 35 million mandalorians
  • 10 million ships

Alliance with Chat and 'GelmEdit

The mandalorians have had multiple victories against Team Heretic Dinofox, and a few against the Elite Remant Legion. The Mandalorians have been aiding Chat Forces against Team Heretic Dinofox and the Elite Remant Legion. The Mandalorians even have gotten a old friend of Unnamed Field Marshall who was a former Sangheili fleet admiral named 'Gelm to aid them in battle. 'Gelm has already helped the Mandalorians gain multiple victories against Team Heretic Dinofox and has threatened to kill Unnamed Field Marshal.

Betrayal of the Chat Empire Edit

The Mandalorians were outraged when the murder of the Maximite, the Mandalorians best assassin and national hero, was linked to spartan Blake because Blake was working for the Chat at the time. The Mandalorians lust for power, territory and wealth could not be quenched by their victories against the Resistance and Team Heretic Dinofox. So they attacked the Chat at Youth, Yoth, and Eafth. These battles were almost instantaneously won by the Mandalorian Empire. However, the Chat managed to stay in control of Eafth after taking back the assaulted city.

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