Mandalorian M-lll

Mandalorian Mark lll Combat Armor

The Mandalorian Mark III Combat Armor relatively cheap combat armor made by Mandalorian Empire, favored by elite members of The Resistance due to its balance between protection, maneuverability, and price. DMR and Jess McKathy use the Mark lV variant of this combat armor. The Delta SEALS use the Mark V variant of Mandalorian armor. The spiritual successor to this set is the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mandalorian IV.

Overview Edit

The first inner layer is five layers of high grade kevlar woven in over a thin dragon plate armor. The next layer is a lightweight suit made of triple A-Titanium. The third layer is another kevlar layer covered with a Tungsten alloy. This layer is also infused with heat resistant materials to protect the user from plasma fire. The last layer is made of high grade Inconel plating. This last layer also protects the energy shield device. The helmet follows the same formula except has addition padding to protect the head from shell shock. The helmet comes equipped with a HUD that in includes a 15 meter mini-map with motion tracker, shielding health meter, ammo counter, and communications radio.

It does not have temperature control making fighting on planets like Yoth or planets with extreme heat difficult.

Combat Edit

The Mark Ill is fairly old and is battle tested. Like all Mandalorian armors, the shield does well with deflecting both bullets and plasma, though once the shield is down, the suit armor has issues with protecting the user from excess plasma exposure. EMPs will deplete the shield completely, as will excess damage. To protect the core, the shield will shut down and will come back online after about five and a half seconds. The suit does come equipped with a one time use bio-foam can that can be applied to help stop bleeding until the user can get medical attention. The suit is not self sealing, which means in cannot operate in any zones that have no oxygen. However, it can be equipped with a gas mask, allowing the user to operate in hazardous combat zones. 

The suit is relatively cheap, so it is common among certain resistance groups. Notable users of this armor include Savior Team, who have made it their signature combat suits when they go into battle against The Chat and their allies, though they all have made changes to their armor.

This gas mask was critical to the survival of Savior Team in the New Eden Crisis.

Gallery Edit

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