Mandalorian royal guard

Mandalorian royal guards are Mandalore's personal guards. They may also guard any other Mandalorian politics or Grand Mandalorian Field Marshals (equal to four-five star generals in rank).


Since early ages these guards were originated by the Taung who were the original Mandalorians. The guard's armor has been improved over the years to keep up with new technology. In many ways they can take the same damage as a Mandalore could. Mandalorian honor guards wear a light version other then a Mandalore, but they still are very resilient. These guards light armor allows quick movement with decent protection. These guards constantly train in case they must ever fight.


Manadlorian Royal Guards can take up to five direct plasma rifle shots, eight plasma pistol shots, three fully charged plasma pistol shots, four vibroblade strikes, two beam rifle shots, eight carbine shots, take a direct beam rifle shot for up to eight seconds or six blaster rifle shots before going down. Although their armor is a bit weaker then mandalore's their armor is also lighter which allows faster speed. These mandalorians can also survive a direct frag grenade, but not a thermal detinator or plasma grenade. These guards are immune to ballistic weapons unless shot in their visors. If they were shot by bullets then the bullets would just bounce off. If they were fired upon by shotguns then they would fall down or be knocked back but, would get no worse then bruises from the shots. On the other hand one direct powerful rocket, a plasma grenade, or one thermal detinator could kill one of these guards only with direct contact.

Mandalorian Royal guards either wield vibrospears or vibro swords. They most often wield vibro-spears, but occasionally use vibro-swords with vibro-shields.


Mandalorian royal guards have bronze armor. This armor can slightly vary in appearance. Standard Mandalorian Royal Guard armor looks like bronze average bronze Mandalorian armor with a Mandalorian Raider's round helmet. Some Mandalorian Royal Guard's helmets and armor may be modified to be a bit heavier then most which have equal resilence to a Mandalore's armor, unless modified.

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