Halo armor

Haloprov's personal Mark II Personal Combat Armor.

The Mark II Personal Combat Armor is the Admin Haloprov's high grade suit of armor, fashioned towards enhancing the user's combat efficiency rather than protecting them.


The first layer is made of triple A-Titanium infused with high grade Inconel. The outer layer is then covered in three inches of Tungstinum. This allows the suit to protect the user from most small arms fire. It also comes equipped with a bio-foam can, a re-breather to help the user breath in hazardous combat zones, and a two way radio. However, this suit really shines when it comes to it's gadgets. 

It increases the users speed, reaction time, and jumping abilities by 30%, all while keeping the user in full control. If the user is taking heavy fire, it has a reusable and rechargeable force shield, cloaking device, and a smoke screen. When the user goes on the attack, they can use either electric bolts, a wrist rocket, a trophy system, a grappling hook, or a machine that condenses the air around and allows the user to push back enemies with the shockwave. The Chat Empire made this armor specifically for Haloprov.

Haloprov suit power

Electric bolts are one of the many offensive tools the suit provides.

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