Megan has a heart of Gold that seems un-phased with her line of work.


Megan was raised by a very wealthy family who had a rich military background. Growing up, she was surrounded by butlers and the war stories her grandfather and father would tell her. Knowing his daughter was destined to follow in his footsteps, he enrolled her at a military academy at the age of ten. To the surprise of everyone in her family, she excelled at the academy; graduating two full years ahead of her class. However, unknown to her parents, Megan had a very active sexual life at school; and she used that black mail to help advance through the ranks. Given her high test scores, the fact to graduated two years early, and her family history, she was selected to become a member of the Chat Rangers

Once again, Megan excelled very quickly but all of that came to a halt after a training exercise went wrong. Her team was practicing clearing a building when a live grenade, thrown by one of the guys she slept with, was thrown into the building. Megan, thinking it was a drill, pushed her teammate out of the way but when the grenade went off, shrapnel went flying into the side of her face. She spent the next few months in the hospital, recovering from her wounds. Her father wanted to find the person responsible for the attack but no charges were ever brought forward. Megan, who was not deterred after the attack, promised to still graduate with her class. While the school did not want her back, her father was able to pull some strings to not only get her back into the school, but in with her same class. As she had promised, Megan finished her training to officially become a ranger.

Combat RecordEdit

Megan republic

Megan getting ready to engage the enemy.

Megan joined the 65th Rangers Division, who were stationed in the Southern sector of the Troll Quadrant. While she did see some combat against The Resistance, she mostly deployed as security for Chat vessels crossing this sector, as raids by scavengers was common. It was during one of these raids she was escorting a ship containing the Administrator Karl. A group of bandits attacked the ship while it was waiting for a debris storm to pass, and also disabled the communications tower. Megan, reacting fast, attacked the bandits as soon as they left their boarding craft, killing five of them and taking another prisoner. Her demands were simple, she would kill their lieutenant unless they all left the ship at once. The bandits entered their boarding craft, with their leader, and took off, leaving empty handed. Megan though, would have been court marshaled for negotiating with terrorists if had not been for Karl. Karl, impressed with her performance, had her transferred to his personal security division. However, during the events leading up to the Battle of Eafth, Megan was still in training. When she learned that Karl defected, Megan was left with a tough choice. It was at the moment Megan remembered a story her grandfather had told her. He said no matter what happens, you most always look after and care for those who did the same for you. Knowing Karl had stuck his neck out for her, she knew she had to do the same; though it would cost her ties with her family, who disowned her soon after.

Megan would see combat during the Battle of Eafth and during the Delegation on Gaeto, fighting along side her new allies. Given her history with Karl, she was made a Republic Sentinel, though she never did finish her training. In light of that though, she has excelled in combat, building a close relationship with Jess McKathy, Edward, and Andare. She became apart of a task force heading to Mu Gasto, with the intent of getting any information regarding the disappearance of Jess out of. However, once Zeta in Republic hands and Jess was brough back safely by Tyler, she readied herself up to fight the Chat once again.

Her first combat mission against the Chat would come went she was apart of an assault team meant to back up other team members as they gathered information on the planet of Koraulak. Though she was hard on the team's newest member, Talot, even getting into a scuffle with him, the mission was completed with out any mistakes. Once the informant was brought back to Yoth for questioning, she and everyone else were forced to gear up for another mission; taking out the Admin Bravadostock and weakening the Chat's war effort. Though the mission would be successful, the lose of her close friend Edward would have a profound effect on her, as she had lost both her family and Edward since joining the Republic. 

Megan, close up

Megan with her hair done before the fighting on Gaeto.

Megan would not participate in the battle on Beta Maxiums 35b, still mourning over the lose of Edward and being in no shape to fight emotionally. She would however be involved in the next battle as the Chat launched on attack on Gaeto's capital. After being involved in a chase with Trol', Talot, and Tyler in which they chased Chat soldiers through out the cities streets, their mission changed when the Chat assault force showed up. Knowing that Karl's safety was important, she headed towards the capital and was able to ensure that Karl would not be killed by 5th Legion soldiers. Once he was secured, the two went to assist Jess who was barely keeping Chat forces at bay from gaining their hands of WMD's. Once they rescued Jess, Megan, with the rest of the team relaxed and waited for their next orders. 

Before the next mission, she decided to entertain her teammates by taking them on a shopping spree, wanting to get them away from war for a change. Though it was only for a few hours, Megan felt like she had done her job as the team headed towards a Chat refueling station in the hopes of stealing intelligence. The mission, overall, would be a success, as they were able to get what they came for without taking too many causalities. Nonetheless, the return of Knightmare struck a cord in Megan, as he was the leader of the Chat Empire.

Megan would see action during the Battle of New Haven, where she would be deployed along side Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber as the three were tasked with destroying a mountain base to take a ring of defensive cannons offline. The mission would be successful, but Megan would get bogged down in a fight with Col. Renkenia, whose use of the force and a laser cutlass almost killed Megan. However, she was able to use her hand to hand combat abilities to kill Renlenia before being picked up by Saber.   

Weapon List:


Young meg

Megan as a little girl.

Megan has always been known as a nice girl who can be loud and brash at times. She is never afraid to speak her mind, and will not back down from anyone or anything. Coming from a wealthy family, she loves the taste of high end things, especially clothing. She is known as a party animal, and knows how to lure people in if she wants to get something done. She gets very defensive when people question or make fun of her, even if they are just joking. Her relationship with Edward was that of a brother and sister, with them constantly bickering due to their opposite personalities. However, they did look out for each other, showing at least some respect for the other. In combat, she does not take anything too seriously, as in her normal life, being unafraid to smack talk her enemies, nor kill them. Megan is not afraid to speak her mind, even threatening people who could certainly hurt her. In her eyes, people need to learn to lighten up and enjoy everything life has to offer.

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