Mercenaries defending Koraluak

The Mercenary Factions are consisted of various groups of pirates, adventurers and treasure hunters who roam the galaxy while looking for fortune and glory, as well as collecting edits. They usually dwell among the outer edges of The Galaxy in disputed space to await possible contracts. Many different groups are known and some are very infamous, while others are just troublemakers.

Method of OperationEdit

Although some groups work discreetly as urban assassins in larger, capital cities, most wander various planets to find jobs. More aggressive ones would raid random passing ships or planets frequently and have their local governments/sponsors pay a large sum of money to stop; coining this action as Sapping. While the method of operation is different for many groups, it can almost always be derived from some form of monetary gain or glory.

Mercenary groups have also been known to work together to fight for a common goal, such as when they attempted to defend Port LaFayette during the Chat Empire's First Raid of Koralauk .


Tyler Alshwind was trained by the legendary bounty hunter known as Jango Al Ghul. Jango trained Tyler for 12 years, until Tyler, who had changed his name to DMR, went on his own to hunt down Chat Administrators. After that, Jango went dark for a few years but now rumors are surfacing that he is now a headhunter for the highest bidder.

Mercs 3

A group of three mercenaries.

All the factions involved in the war have interacted with the Mercenary Factions in some way. After one of their most popular hubs was captured by the Chat, many groups were forced into the shadows and developed secret bases on frontier worlds. 

They ambushed Fox, the UFM, and a Kig-Yar pirate prince at an abandoned warehouse during the former's initial meeting. After the mercenaries were disposed of, the three found out that they were employed by the Chat; it is unknown how many of the mercenaries agreed to work for the Chat.

Team Heretic Dinofox also employed mercenaries during several significant events, such as the bombing of the Chat cruiser and the Saurian Ceti IV crisis

A group known as the Black Fang was hired by Zeta1127,89thLegion to disrupt the delegation that discussed the possibility of other planets joining the New Galactic's cause for fighting against the Empire. They were able to successfully detonate one of the their two bombs, which forced the delegation to end early, but all the diplomats survived. However, the bomb killed almost 100 people while injuring over 400.

Another unknown mercenary was able to capture Jess McKathy, although they were not named, it is assumed they are very skilled and efficient to be able to grab an elite soldier without being seen while in the close proximity of others.

Known Mercenary GroupsEdit

  • Guardians of Eden
  • Children of the Dragon (Defunct in First Raid on Koralauk)
  • House Noble (Defunct while attempting to hijack Cleric's Redoubt)
  • Large Unnamed Mercenary Army 
  • Images (38)

    A Kig-Yar Black Fang Mercenary on New Eden

    Black Fang
  • Green Mist Assassins (Defunct in 2557 by Scouting Fleet)
  • The Iron Fist (Defunct in 2557 by Scouting Fleet)
  • The Hunters (Defunct in 2557 by Scouting Fleet) 
  • The Old Republic
  • Six Signs
  • Delta SEALS (Mostly defunct in 2555 by Chat Empire)
  • Hawk's Nest
  • Hundreds of different mercenary groups on New Eden
  • Extinction
  • The Golden Horde


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