Methane soda is a chemical recipe used for weaponry.

History Edit

The recipe for methane soda has been invented over four thousand years ago on Aquamarine as a payload ingredient for a torpedo warhead. Because of the chemical nature of methane when filled into the warhead and sealed tight the chemical will super pressurize making it tight and vainly trying to escape. When the bomb detonates the methane long before it is in the water will ignite burning hot, and once its in the water the explosion will continue its super releasing of pressure in the sea and make short work of vessels with up to 14 inches of steel armor. The heat of the explosion boiled the sea around the armor and reduced the armor to smoldering slag, dripping with melted steel as if the enemy ship was bleeding.

In 2558 the Kig-Yar got ahold of this recipe and started using it as a ingredient in modern missiles. Such explosives are still rare but will be in number enough to put on the market in 6 months.

Appearance Edit

In the galaxy methane soda is seen in 4 pound canisters with a bio hazard icon on them.

Physical properties Edit

When exposed to air methane soda will start as a bubbling liquid expanding into foam, but in seconds it is converted into vapor which ascends into the air and becomes gas. In large doses and exposed closely this gas is enough to do great physical harm if breathed in. Chances of dying from it are low but not impossible. Thankfully anyone who breaths it has the sense to flee from its fowl oder. Methane soda is very flammable, and can burn at temperatures up to 3000* More modern recipes can even burn up to 8745* When not exposed to air it is a liquid with the same reaction as root beer in a bottle, and can be poured into any container without a leak.

Methane soda is actually edible to unggoy, who enjoy the flavor and aroma. A unknown band of independent unggoy have gotten ahold of this recipe in 2552 and began to sell it on the black market to other unggoy as a refreshing beverage. This may likely be how the Kig-yar gotten ahold of this resource.

Methane soda released in the air will always travel up and thus as a explosive it is most effective detonated from below, perhaps as a land mine. As a explosive it is most effective of all in space.

Uses Edit

Methane soda was invented to produce a bomb, however it can also be extremely effective as rocket fuel. It is also possible to make vehicles such as cars that run on this as a alternative fuel source. It can be used in flame throwers, it can make very effective plasma when super heated, and it is in fact edible to unggoy, which is a use for it that was never expected, however it is actually healthy for them as well.

Recipe Edit

The exact recipe is still a mystery to most of the galaxy. Until someone who knows it comes this spot remains open to have the recipe inserted. All that is known is at least 8 recipes exist.

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