This bomb is great at sending a lot of things into nothingness.
— DMR4LIFE's description of the bomb

Slipspace bomb

A Mini Slip Space Bomb already armed.

A heavy grade explosive, the Mini Slip Space Bomb will send anyone unfortunate to be within it's blast radius into oblivion. 


Weighting in at twenty-five pounds, this bomb is very heavy and almost impractical to use in combat. When it is detonated, the atoms located in the heart of the bomb are pulled apart with enough force to create a slip space portal. However, the portal is unstable and causes anything caught in it to be blown into nothingness. While this device is relatively stable normally, once it is armed, it is very unstable. Enough damage to the core will cause it to prematurely detonate. The bomb must be manually armed and disarmed, forcing the user to physically place the bomb. Notable uses include DMR destroying a Ban-Hammer class Super Carrier during the battle of the Smiley Belt and one being planned to be used to destroy the ship carrying Forerunner during the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling. Tyler would get to use one again during the opening phases of the Attack on Dark Oculus, using it to destroy a defense platform above the planet.

Carrier bomb

The Super Carrier being destroyed by a Mini Slip Space Bomb.

Dmr bomb

DMR throwing the bomb into the heart of a super carrier.

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