Vital statistics
Type Conquered Planet
Level Echelon 7
Location Northern Stream
Inhabitants Morisians, Jiralhanae

The planet Moris was the destination of almost a billion Jiralhanae when they experienced a slipspace rift incident.

As of mid-2558, the Scouting Fleet is keeping the Jiralhanae population in check with scheduled weekly glassings. This tactic has caused the fleet's reputation to plummet due to it, more or less, being legal genocide.

Overview Edit

Moris has a warm climate. Its gravity is 29.421m/s/s, but still not as low as Dosiac's. The brutes constructed a few cities, with their capital being Conhelm, while small villages dot the landscape. Moris has a few mountains, with most being located in the Moolumous Region.

History Edit

Moris was originally a constitutional monarchy until the government was overthrown by Chieftan Conite with the help of the Chat Empire. The Chat Empire allowed Conite to have total control over the world to establish a permanent Jiralhanae-occupied world. Conite personally executed the king and the queen, but allowed the rest of the royal family to escape. After the world became a chat world, Conite ordered the construction of a combat academy in the Moolumous valley.

Aquamarine vs Moris Edit

Sometime after the Galactic Chat War the Sirens invaded Moris and conquered it.

Construction of Labor CampsEdit

Another one of Conite's executive orders were to construct labor camps across the surface of Moris. The labor camps were for heinous criminals, prisoners of war, political opponents, and loyalists of the former Jiralhanae monarchy. At around this time, a Resistance fighter named Uvok was captured on New Haven and brought to one of these labor camps as a prisoner of war.

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