While it might not fire as fast as semi-automatic shotguns, this packs enough stooping power to go through most body armor in one shot. 

Pump shotgun, dino

The pump action Moseberg 750


This pump action shotgun can hold a number of different types of ammunition, but it typically fires super charged pellets encased in plasma. This means the plasma burns through shielding while the pellets punch through the body armor. It is favored for those who need a battle tested system in an urban conflict or a close quarters battle. Though the Chat Empire prefers the CS-8 auto, the Moseberg 750 deals more damage per shot. The Chat Shock Troopers usually armed at least one member of each fireteam with a Moseberg 750, for when a broom stick is needed to sweep the enemy. The shotgun has found new love with the New Galactic Republic, who have used it as their standard shotgun since the outbreak of the Chat Schism.

Pros Edit

  • High stopping power
  • Longer range than most shotguns
  • Durable
  • Reliable

Cons Edit

  • Low fire rate
  • Small ammo capacity
  • Expensive and rare
  • Heavy

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