The Non-Automatic Sentinel Scattergun Mk II (abbreviated NASS Mk II) is a rare shotgun that is known for its great impact and low bullet spread. It is manufactured by the Integro Firearm Corporation.


The NASS Mk II is a bolt action non-automatic shotgun. Its standard and non-modified magazine can hold up to seven 12 gauge laser rounds. Along with this, a safety feature is located behind the grip of the weapon.



For the military, it's general use is for close quarters operations and search and destroy operations. Due to the lack of semi-automatic systems, it is not a generally preferred primary load out on the battlefield.

Mercenary FactionsEdit

The NASS Mk II is rarely seen as an item in the mercenary market due to low demand. Only the perfectionist hitmen would purchase a weapon of this style.


When it comes to the public, the NASS Mk II is primarily used for hunting. The high impact is desired for killing a target in one shot. However, only standard 12 gauge rounds are permitted by law.

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