NR Goldeneye
The Goldeneye

The New Republic Goldeneye was a formerly Chat, and now New Republic vessel, that has toured the majority of the galaxy over an extended lifetime.


Sometime before the Chat Schism, Captain Dallas was awarded the rights to command the ship, and eventually Waits became her first officer.

During the events of the Chat Schism, Dallas ordered for Waits' arrest, as he was seen as a potential sympathizer to the enemy. Before the arrest was undertaken, Dallas was killed when the Goldeneye took a direct hit in the space Battle of Eafth. In the chaotic event, and given Waits' popularity among the crew, he then took control of the Goldeneye with little question.

After several more near-misses, the now Captain Waits finally found an excuse to get the Goldeneye away from the chaotic battle raging over Eafth.

Heist of Unicorn Hydra VIIEdit

A short time after the Battle of Eafth, Waits was given direct orders by Karl to rendezvous with Fox at the Resistance Space Base #0014.

He rescued the operation unit on the derelict Chat Grafton following the destruction of the planet.

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