Origin: On the sandy tropical shores of The Black Marsh a female Argonian came into heat and laid down on a warm rock to sunbath. A ocean god had then looked upon her radiant beauty through the sea, and stepped forth onto the shore having shape shifted into Argonian form, and used a enchanting song to charm her, before making passionate love to her for the following 4 weeks. She had then laid a clutch of eggs in a nest.

From it 12 hatchlings where born, who she had then let suckle on the sap of the hist. Among them, Nació De Mare was the first to hatch. This is his story.

He had grown up with his siblings playing with them and exploring, each game was a source of education. He would learn guerrilla tactics from each game, as well as how to hold position, how to hunt. But one day he had traveled north and exited the black marsh by 4 miles to find a Dunmer slaver camp. He was confused as to why these Argonians where working for these ugly creatures in harsh conditions without complaining, when a guard sounded the alarm. Angered by the guards at the camp firing arrows and casting magic at him, he fell upon them, and slew them. 300 Dunmer slavers dead. After he had loosened the Argonian slaves from their bonds they had explained to him how they had been abused and imprisoned. This kindled Nacio De Mare's hatred for the Dunmer, as the way he saw it, such insolent creatures should be the slaves of Argonians, not the other way around. An insult he would set out to punish. The now free Argonian slaves had pleaded their alliance to him, and he lead them back to Black Marsh to bring with him his 11 siblings.

The following years the small army where lead forth east north and south of the Black Marsh to any work camps that could be found. Mines. Plantations. Islands. Cities. All fell before the might of this demi god, and with each victory slavers where killed, and their resources where plundered as payment of the many years of tormenting work the now free and joining Argonians had suffered. Every 4 weeks his father having heard the heroic tale had found him, and visited him. Giving him strength and comfort.

Then the Daedric had intended to kill him in person, after the Dunmer had prayed to them to be free of this omen of death. A oblivion gait had opened from whence stepped forth many minions of the Daedric to do him battle. After they had been beaten in the mortal relm they had approached the gait. Suddenly, a pulse of energy rippled through the universe, causing the gait to mysteriously change from red, to blue. Just like youtube during the google plus era.

Puzzled by this, Nacio De Mare ordered that they stay wait, as he him self checks out this portal, stepping in. Rather then Oblivion, the gait had taken him to the THDF planet Aquamarine, where he would spend the next 4 years serving a new alliance and learning to forge the weapons of his new country. He would often fight enemies such as the trenchmen empire as well he would be transported to siren colonies all over the galaxy to secure peace and power.

This portal is still open today changing color every 5 minuets as it links to a new planet in the THDF universe.

Having for years fought wielders of magic, fighting new enemies with ultra superior technology was not hard to him at all.

Abilities: Nacio De Mare has the strength of 20 krogan, can swim 5 times the speed in water as a normal Argonian, and can handle 15 times the depth pressure of a normal Argonian as well. His healing factor is 28 times that of a normal Argonian, and he has 40 times the stamina, and is 80 times more resistant to poison and disease. Rather then the short life span of a normal Argonian he has a increased 300 year life span.

He knows how to craft both ballistic weapons, Argonian weapons, plasma weapons, and siren weapons. Also a quick learner of languages. Any metal forged with his strength by hammer hardening can be made strong enough to resist at least small arms ballistic fire with weak metals.

He is however not invincible. He can still be killed if a vital organ is damaged the same as a normal mortal, and if you continue to otherwisly would him enough eventually his body would near starve its self trying to get enough energy to heal his wounds. His hearing in water can give him a sonar ability. Using telepathy he can communicate with any aquatic or semi-aquatic animal as well as sentient life of aquatic or semi-aquatic origin. Almost to a point of mind control.

RP appearance: The Hist Crises

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