Siren 1st form

A Naga in her first form.

The Naga are a race of semi-aquatic shape shifters that are native to Oceanus, a massive planet of oceans. Naga generally suppress their true powers by developing different forms to keep themselves under control and to preserve energy.


The Naga frequently trade with mercenaries and private organizations to get foreign technology to study. Some Naga work as planet conquerers and space pirates, and are very feared due to their power. Ancient cave drawings on the Dark Oculus suggest that a Naga pirate once came to the planet to conquer it, but was defeated after a world-shaking battle with a mighty hero.

In 2557, Minnae, a Naga bounty hunter was employed by the Admins to assassinate important contacts for THDF alongside Tyrotar Edalius.


Unlike many other races, Naga only have one gender, which most claim resembles a female; surprisingly, they still reproduce as hermaphrodites. Transforming is a painful process for them, and lesser transformations simply alter certain parts of the body to be able to adapt to the current situation, while primary transformations change the appearance of the Naga and release their true strength.  

First FormEdit

The first form resembles the Mermaid of Human mythology. It has a humanoid torso and a serpentine lower body, which the Naga can nimbly slither around with. The tail is capable of whipping someone with enough force to kill them, and the form also has razor sharp nails that can be sheathed when outside of conflict. When Naga have dealings with other species, they are always seen in this form due to its frail and approachable appearance. This form can indefinitely breath underwater.

Second FormEdit

The second form of a Naga is focused on increasing the strength of the individual. The serpent-like features extend from below waist to covering the entire body. In this form, a Naga is capable of lifting up over ten times its body weight, and has enough strength to stop a speeding vehicle. The reaction speed and brain functioning of the Naga is also increased, and the Naga grows natural armor plates around its shoulders and waist. This form can also breath underwater indefinitely.

Third FormEdit

The third form drastically changes the appearance of the individual, and resembles a large crocodile. Already including the boost of the second form, the third form sacrifices the gills and other extraneous body functions, and replaces them with pure cardiac muscles; it also replaces the tail of the other two forms and grows legs. The Naga is extremely fast while in this form, and can out swim any known aquatic vehicle. The immense speed is maintained on land, and the Naga can sprint at speeds of up to 80 MPH. The third form has large claws, as well as forming jaws with blade-like teeth. They lose their pupils, and also take on a somewhat hunched position while on land. Due to the sacrifice of the gills, the Naga is still able to hold its breath for extended periods of time, but not indefinitely like the previous forms.

Fourth FormEdit

The fourth form is the most powerful incarnation of the Naga, since it combines all the best aspects of the previous forms. In appearance, it is a mix between the first and second forms, dropping the much more menacing appearance of the third form.


Naga utilize a mineral exclusive to their home planet as their primary source of energy. They have built aquatic skiffs, and large bio-domes underwater, to name a few innovations. Their space vessels are can be flooded with water to allow comfort when traveling, and their armaments for ship-to-ship combat include electric wave generators, and electric torpedos.

Known NagaEdit

  • Minnae
  • Zenoea
  • Brenna


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