Navada is a planet that has not seen conflict during the Chat NGR war simply because it is a neutral planet. Population of sentient life was 300 total. This planet was long used as a nature preservation world, having multiple types of animals native to it, most dominant being what in the real world would be considered dinosaurs from earths ancient past. How they where added to the wild life preserve is a mystery.

Non counted sentient construction: The only people while not playing a very intervening role to live on the planet its self are found in 25 ranger stations hidden away. Their are also animal androids that patrol the planet in ways that does not disturb nature that number in the thousands, run on solar power, and return to ranger stations only for matanance. The planet has an orbital defense, but it serves only to monitor the planet with 345ft deep ground penetrating radar satlites. The orbital defense would never last againced an actual invasion, but instead is designed to intercept vessels belonging to poachers who wish to steal or pirates who wish to try to burry treasure on the planet. In the event of truce being broken and war coming to the planet the defense satellites would shoot at both parties involved automatically, seeing it as a unauthorized act of aggression.

History: 2 Utah raptors a male and a female have produced offspring they intended to raise, but strange energy pulse have caused some of the fana in the area to disappear, some temporarily, others a little more permanent. The result of these energy pulse caused native American kingdoms to appear on the planet, who quickly started to adapt, taming some of the wild life as pets and work animals. The monitor system is yet to finish meetings procedures and paper work before they are authorized to investigate.

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