Diving Super Solder

The Naval Infantry Marine Super Shock Trooper is the latest branch of top secret Chat military branches who are still not yet declassified. They begin their training at the age of ten in the art of naval warfare for both for wet and space combat. They are the Chats attempt to answer the long predicted threat of being at war with Aquamarine and standing a chance in the battle field with sirens in at sea combat. Two months before the age of 13 they under go a sires of augmentation processes to make them able to hold their breath under water as long as a sea lion, make them able to run 25.4mph on land, jump 14 feet high, have the reflexes of a mongoose, increase the speed of brain activity and mental focus, make their bones a little stronger then iron as well as having a 1/3rd centimeter thick ceramic coating around the bones, give them 3 times the hearing of a dog, near Sangheili eye sight, and make them as strong as 18 men. At the age of 15 they under go a ceremony much the same as being knighted, and are ready to go into their first skirmishes. 

At the age of 20 they are ranked minor-rookie and are deemed ready for their first battle. They train in the arts of orbital drop both to land and to sea, part of their training being to aim and land their drop pod in a pool onboard the deck of a cruise ship. They are typically armed with a short sword or large combat knife for close quarters, a long ranged pricing weapon, and plantable explosives. Although their training extends to all weapons they could ever predict getting their hands on and many they do not predict, as well as training in hand to hand combat. Their armor allows them to carry almost a literal ton of ammo and up to 20 grenades and 4 plantable explosives all comfortably and condensed. Out side their armor at full age they stand up to 9 feet 10 inches tall, and inside their armor they stand 12 feet tall. Their armor's plating is made from titanium tungsten colton carbon reinforced with ceramic plating and coming with gel layers. Their oxygen renews its self to the point they can last 40 days before needing to refresh their tank and scrubbers. Their under suit has a buoyancy control that can allow them both to swim and walk on the ocean floor as they please. Their suit also comes with a light water jet pack and water jets in the boots as a attempt to keep them from being easy to pick off when attempting to keep up with a sirens speed in combat. Their suit also comes with a prototype guidance scrambler anti guidance field generator in hopes of surviving Siren torpedoes as well as keeping a ship that much safer from anti ship missiles when on deck. Temperature control allows the user to survive in waters 85* below freezing as well as 855* boiling water. The over shield uses hardlight and is able to take up to a 60 caliber bullet plus a 38 caliber bullet before collapsing under fire. Its recharge time is 12 seconds. Their blood has nano mites stolen from the resistant forces to allow faster healing.

Members of this project start out as either the children of full time military parents, or adopted orphan children. They begin their training in one academy, after a year are taken by 4 month ship travel to the next while training on board the ship, then after a year at that academy are taken to the next academy by 8 month training voyage, and remain stationed their to finish their training as they await their first mission. They also wear GEN 3 armor , though its been modified for wet naval combat.

It is unknown weather or not this project is a success as the total number of 21,000 members of this super solder project are yet to be deployed, and prayers are being said that they will successfully even the odds of at sea victory for the chat who dare take on united galactic republic with siren naval support. Currently, a Star fleet is being deployed to begin space to sea combat this up coming month to field test the project in person. Though they have not yet had their standard age of 15 first skirmish dew to needing to start out fully prepared the first members of this super solder project are currently 21 year and 4 months of age.

  • Second augmentation: By the age of 28 it is planed that the NIMSS will under go a second augmentation, which takes effect in 2 years and in result will cause them to become 4 times stronger then before and have even faster reflexes by reverting a would have been mid life age decay into a second puberty, estimated side effects include 80 more years of life and a unintentional 30% increase in body hair. This will be followed by 20 years more training and a ceremony into the elite class. They will have only a inch and a half of size increase and have a 25% more effective brain. Other side effects are still unknown as no one has reached this stage yet. Unlike Spartans it is possible for these super solders to reproduce, how ever it is impossible that their augmentations be inherited.

Note that their combat zones may also include coast line cities and boarding crew combat, as well as river lake and swamp combat.

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