Netkak is the Archon of house of order before the slip space rift accident, now she is working as on Archon with the newly formed house of the dammed


Netkak was born on the Eliksni homeworld into the fallen house of Order, she doesn't remember much about her childhood, but what she does remember is the invasion of her home and the abandonment of her race by the "great machine" which forced her and what was left of her race to make a frantic escape, during this escape she watched in horror as friends, family, soldiers and other civilians got mowed down by the invading force whilst trying to escape, and she would have joined them if she had not have picked up one of the wire rifles of one of the dead soldiers who where supposed to be there to defend them, at the time she was only 14 years old and yet she tried her best to defend some of her friends and family entering one of the escape ships, but she was unable to help all of them, she watched as her mother and father got torn in half by the invading force, but she did manage to help some of the family's escape, she never know how she was able to use the rifle she had taken, but she felt that it was all down to natural instinct. She watched in despair as they left her homeworld, her entire life had been flipped upside down in the matter of a day, she had lost her home, her family and most of her friends.

As the years went by the Migrant fleets resources began to run low, forcing the once united fallen houses to fight over every available resource, most importantly Ether which allowed the Eliksni to survive, relying so much on the Great machine had forced the Eliksni to take Ether for granted and now they where running low, piracy and war began to break out between the fleet forcing most to go there separate ways, even more years passed and Netkak found herself falling in love with the new houses Kell, later on she would give birth to a son who they decided to name Kolisk, but she ended up giving him to a different family to grow up with mainly because she was afraid that if anybody knew that he was the Kells Son they would use her son to get to the kell, they had already a lot of enemys on the ship and she didnt want they to get anything to use against them.

The next hundred years went by, she like the Kell had lived way beyond the average Eliksni life span, being kept alive by ether, later on they arrived at earth where they found the Great machine which had abandoned them long ago, which confused Netkak... did the great machine abandon them or was it stolen by the Humans which inhabited the sol system they had arrived in, but it was even more confusing to her that it looked to be that the Humans had gone through the same fate the Eliksni had gane through although this time the Great machine had not abandoned them