New Eden Cities

A map of New Eden with the 7 cities marked in red

Quite a bustling port you have here.
— 'Ratam, on New Eden's space ports

New Eden is the asteroid Lord of the Stars gave Madam Celestial Saber as a gift to nest on before impregnating her, with the help of a Forgunner and his technology. It is the capital of the Guardians of Eden, with their monarchs' palace there.

Military Edit

New Eden is the size of Alaska, has a ozone simulation shield that can be set to "Defend Fort Mode" and "welcoming landing ships mode". The orbital zone is guarded by ships, satellite mounted MACs, lasers, plasma, and missile type weapons. On the surface it has anti air-turrets, ships in the rivers, air fields, and 7 walled main bases guarded by ships in a moat. The buildings lead to a series of hallways that then lead deep underground. 

An unknown number of female Kig-yar nest and raise their young on the asteroid, and guard them very well. The female Kig-jar are not afraid to use deadly force to neutralize would be attackers.

In all their are 1823 civilians 742 of which are children currently residing. The Sangheili Field marshall has made a offer to Madam Celestial Saber, the queen, to combine his fleet and the military assests of the asteroid. He did not realize, however, the immobility of New Eden.

The Chat Empire and the Mandalorians so far do not know its location, but it is possible they know it exist.

Economy Edit

The core of the asteroid is a gigantic plasma power core with thousands of generators powering everything on the asteroid, including factories the ozone simulator shield. The factories are used to craft with metal and other materials and to forge and build things such as space ships, repair gear, weapons, and armor.

Due to the lack of roads, many settlers use air travel.

The many Space Ports on the asteroid provide income for many.

Ecology Edit

The sea is carved by glassing beam to resemble Madam Celestial Saber, who it was given to. There are canals carved throughout that settlers use instead of roads, and boats instead of cars. Its surface is covered in a jungle made of plants brought back from extinction and plants from many planets. They have all been genetically modified to not have thorns as a luxury. The amount of oxygen on the asteroid is almost twice that of the Jurassic age on earth. All bodies of water are filled with vegetation, fish and other animals.

The plants on the asteroid get 45 times larger then normal. Due to lack of sufficient herbivores the only way to effectively control the plants is with Kig-jar made forest fires, though Lord of the Stars wants to solve this by recommissioning saurapods.

There appears to be a lot of snow around the Palace. This could be due to the overworked ozone shield at the time of the invasion.

Gallery Edit

Fishing ship

One of the aquatic ships that protect the rivers

Metropolitian beach

A portion of Paradiso, the Eastern City

  • Trading:

Importing: meat, mettles, ship fuel.

Exporting: Vegetables, weapons, a drink made of sugar honey and berry juice fermented.

counter ban: Imitation honey.

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