This time we will get it right. It's time to get rid of all the lies of the Chat Empire. The road before us will be stained with blood, but we can come out on top not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of all.
— Karl-591

Republic coat of arms

The New Galactic Republic's coat of arms.


After the events of a failed Hunt for Commander Heathcliff, the Chat Admins Vidmas7erForerunner, and Karl were on trail before a council. After many hearings, Vid and Karl were sentenced to death while Forerunner was repatriated. Karl decided to release classified information about the Chat's war crimes, which led to riots breaking out across The Galaxy. This would cause a new war to break out, called The Chat Schism. After a Battle on Eafth , those who will still loyal to Karl and some members Heretic Dinofox combined their forces to combat the Chat Empire. The Chat Admins Wilc0 and Ultra Force left the Chat to help Karl in his fight. They also work closely with The Resistance, though the Republic would rather use the Militia to get operations done behind enemy lines.


Battles Edit


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