New Haven
Planet Reach
Vital statistics
Type Republic-controlled World
Level Echelon 5
Location Dorian Sector
Inhabitants Human

New Haven is a Chat-Controlled Planet, and current residence of Richard and Sentinel. It has a residence of three Billion people, and a rather large population of wildlife. The world is littered with forests and large ocean, leaving the major cities isolated from one another. Big game hunting is popular here, and the planet's rich natural resources ensure the Chat is willing to go to great lengths to protect it.

The planet would bare witness to a New Galactic Republic assault as the Republic was intent on taking over the planet.

Battle of New Haven Edit

New Haven was invaded and conquered by the New Galactic Republic sometime in late 2559. During the invasion, Madam Celestial Saber discovered plans for a new Chat Star.

Chat Retake =Edit

After the war a remaining faction of the chat during post war times had only one mission. They wanted to take from the NGR everything that they had taken from the Chat. During this time the war was concluded with New Haven being under Chat rule. But, as the chat had come to invade the planet, their where [[ == New defenders ==]] who would face [[[[New invaders [[1]]]]]]

Major Residents Edit

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