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Night of the Long Knives

The morning's headline.

The Night of the Long Knives was a series of murders on the planet Eafth from dusk on August 18, **** to

dawn August 19, ****

Pomp and Circumstance Edit

After numerous campaigns, the team is finally recognized for their contributions to the recently concluded war. Karl distributed the medals, bands played, and many prominent political figures gave speeches. The ceremony was terminated at 6:50pm and the team was taken to their penthouse apartment where an entourage of high level politicians had assembled to greet the team.

Shots Fired Edit

After the sun set, at least three separate teams descended on the building containing the Team and several dignitaries with the intent to kill. The Team quickly responded and fought off the gunmen but many high level politicians were MIA or KIA. Kig-yar specialists manage to capture a mercenary who was identified as Luchesi.

Murders targeted at politicians and influential people were rampant all night long. After a reprimanded from the Minister of Defense, elements of the Team left Eafth for Alpha Harmony in a search for answers, leaving the domestic defense forces to clean up the mess.

Trivial Edit

  • The tactics, insignia on the gunmen and their targets strongly suggests that the attacks were political murders.

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