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The Nightfang is a fundamentalist faction that was formed shortly after the formation of the New Galactic Republic. Formerly members of the Black Fang, the Nightfang started out wanting to work more on uniting and keeping order in the galaxy, especially with the Resistance trying to defy the Chat's rule of law. However, after the beginning of the Chat Schism, the Nightfang lost faith in their leaders, and began terrorising the galaxy. Their encounters with "The Void" have inspired them to destroy Resistance/Chat stations within Void systems, because of the Void's extreme intolerance for human activity in their territory.

Territory and OperationsEdit

The Nightfang are spread out throughout the galaxy, and do not have a main base or capital area. They usually perform their operations either solo or in lone wolf regiments. They have never performed a major attack on a station, because their beliefs contradict any united operation against an opponent faction.

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