Spartans never die... they just go to hell and regroup.
— Nikolai Pereshenko
Nikolai Pereshenko
Possible avatar
Vital statistics
Position Guerrilla warfare specialist
Age 34
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7'0
Weight 117 kg (258 lbs)

“For the user equivalent, see Nikoli the rebel.”

Nikolai Pereshenko is a SPARTAN-IV known as a hyper lethal vector. He had to deal with a troubled past and is likely to have an even more troubling future.


Early lifeEdit

On January 6, 2526 Nikolai Pereshenko was born on the planet of New Helsinki to a drug lord. There, Nikolai was given the best money could buy, until he went to his first day in school.

The Insurrectionists entered the school with hidden SMGs and quickly took control of the situation. While the NHPD was responding, the rebels boarded helicopters and airlifted several classrooms of students, including Nikolai, out to their base in the Dark Zone. Nikolai was knocked out and when he woke up he was at the rebel base of Bastille.

When the hostage negotiations broke down and the drug lord vowed revenge, the rebels planned to turn the hostages into soldiers.

Nikolai was also educated at Bastille. He learned about Algebra, basic science, history (albeit convoluted), and many other things. He became an effective killing machine and would be promoted to lieutenant after years of experience.

Raid on rebel base Bastille (2543) Edit

During Nikolai's time as an inexperienced commander, he made several mistakes that would ultimately lead the UNSC to the rebel base of Bastille in the Dark Zone. The UNSC surrounded the mountain side with ODST troopers at the ready to contain any escaping rebels. In the chaos, Nikolai left to lead the surrender delegation. This, however, bought time for Nikolai's company to escape via the old titanium mines. Nikolai was apprehended by the UNSC and put on death row.

Raid on space prison 158 (2543) Edit

His company came to break him out of prison ten months latter, but Nikolai was now disgusted with the rebellion. On the way out of prison, Nikolai put on a dead guard's uniform and proceeded to kill his former company members. Nikolai then took the guard's name and blew up the entire prison with a fail safe in the control room. He left on a cargo freighter to join the UNSC Army.

Advancement in the UNSC (2544-2557) Edit

In 2544, at age 18, he was visited by Colonel Ackerson to be recruited for the ODSTs. Nikolai passed and started his training soon.  

In 2546, with his training over, his allegiance to the UNSC solid, and with his new found hatred for the rebels and the Covenant, he proceeded to tell Ackerson everything he knew about the rebels and personally lead raids to destroy rebel terror cells in the Inner colonies.

In 2553, now shook with PTSD and the guilt from his childhood in the insurrection, Nikolai was one of the first ODSTs who signed up for the SPARTAN-IV Program.

In 2555 Nikolai finished his SPARTAN-IV augmentations and training. He was then assigned to the carrier UNSC Back with a Vengeance as the leader of the 1st SPARTAN Platoon. The 1st was deployed to the Ancillian system to quell a remnant uprising despite the deployment of UNSC troops to a covenant controlled world was considered a breach in the peace treaty with the separitists.

Battle on the Ancillian system Edit

In 2557, during an engagement with the Remnant, Nikolai left the 1st Platoon, along with Savior team, to destroy a Remnant artillery position. Savior Team and Nikolai arrived late and the entire 1st Platoon was destroyed by the plasma battery. Nikolai, along with Savior Team, escaped the planet and soon rendezvoused with the 2nd Combined Fleet, of which the Back with a Vengeance was a part.

That night Nikolai had nightmares about his time in the insurrection and the UNSC. The past and the present were no longer distinguishable and since then, Nikolai often wakes up wondering whether he should kill the Marine in the bunk next to him or introduce himself. It was at this point that Nikolai finally admitted to himself that he was a broken man and that the only way that he was going to survive himself is to take Savior Team and make sure that nothing ever happened to them.

2557:The UNSC Back with a Vengeance was transported into the THDF universe during a Slipspace Rift Incident and immediately experienced the Na Zego Incident. A few months after Na Zego Nikolai would experience the Choldova Incident.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

Nikolai lead Savior Team and hundreds of marines into an ill-fated initial assault on the planet with only Savior team surviving. The team was then picked up by a UD77-Pelican to their next objective.

There Nikolai had a psychotic breakdown and had to be tranquilized. He woke up and latter connected with coalition forces to attack the prison. He also pursued the Maximite in a pelican in a mission to rescue Spartan Kyle. His mission to rescue Kyle failed and resulted in the death of Spartan Kyle.

After he helped destroy a Chat weapons depot he boarded the Back with a Vengeance to go on vacation to New Eden.

New Eden Crisis Edit

Nikolai Pereshenko arrived at New Eden and was greeted with a warm reception but after the first day he grew suspicious of his surroundings. He took Savior Team minus Lillian to investigate the Central Power Core and was captured. He then escaped and notified the asteroid of the invasion of New Eden. In the underground battle he found that the walls were laced with explosives.

After defending an entrance to the power core from waves of attackers he fought his way to the launch sight of the SARIN gas missiles. There he kept T3CH occupied with Spartan Lillian as Spartan Alisha prepped the explosives. Two missiles were not stopped in time and they whipped out the two cities that the Black Fang's mercenaries controlled. SUMMER CONTINGENCY was declared activate.

When spartan Blake went missing then Nikolai looked to all of the prisoners to gain answers. He found Zeta and interrogated him but was unsuccessful in achieving any important information.

When Nikolai heard of Blake's betrayal and when he saw spartan Lillian die he put a gun to his head. He didn't think that life was worth living if he couldn't even uphold a simple promise to protect his soldiers in combat. Alisha took the gun away just before Nikolai pulled the trigger. While Nikolai never really recovered from this all time low he did feel better the next day.

So the soldier interrogated spartan Blake with the help of some Kig-Yar. The traitor revealed all of the Chat's plans and Nikolai fed the information to his higher ups. They then set out destroying all of the newly revealed terror cells in New Eden. It was on New Eden that Nikolai learned there was more to war (and life) than just winning. He learned that the true measure of life is how much you love and are loved and the true measure of victory is how many civilians you saved.

Intermission between New Eden and the Return to Yoth Edit

Nikolai volunteered as a guard while the Back with a Vengeance was preparing to leave New Eden. When they did finally leave and almost everyone was put to cryo sleep, Nikolai left himself to his thoughts. Nikolai went crazy during this down time. He heard things and heavily mutilated spartan Lillian's corpse. After that moment he couldn't tell what was reality and what was a dream anymore.

Return to Yoth Edit

Reasons for the Invasion Edit

The Back with a Vengeance resupplied its man and materials at New Eden and then continued the campaign against the Chat. The next target was the world of Yoth for a number of reasons. It was formerly a base of the Resistance and retaking it would ensure a moral boost for the ranks of the opposition forces. Yoth was also in the same system as the original keep of Madam Celestial Saber and retaking that was of the upmost importance since it was clear that New Eden was no longer safe. Yoth is also situated along an intersection of trade routes and taking it would ensure the Chat would no longer be able to supply their frontier troops in certain sectors. It would also allow the coalition to better supply their bases.

Additionally, there was rumors that General SheerAvenger777 was in hiding on Yoth and it was of the upmost importance to the resistance to reclaim their fallen hero. Furthermore, Yoth has rich mines that drew the attention of the more business savvy members of the coalition. Many of the military analysts within the Coalition felt that hitting the Chat at Yoth would be key in order to maintain the forward momentum gained since Beta Maximus 35b.

Opening Moves Edit

Going into Yoth, Nikolai was barred from participating in military operations by the Back with a Vengeance's head doctor. As usual, Nikolai defied this order and escaped to join the action. He provided air support at Fort Yoth-Alpha and attempted a failed assassination attempt on Hollow Tyrant where he was beaten badly and lost his right eye. From there he regrouped with Commander Heathcliff in the ruins of the fort. He got into a small skirmish with Commander Heathcliff that he lost against. With the matter settled both teams headed to help the Back with a Vengeance to save it from the Raptor Pirates.

Too Close to Home Edit

Nikolai would sought medical help in the Back with a Vengeance's medical bay. There he got his physical condition up to par minus a missing eye. Once he was up for it he cut his way through raptor pirates to get to the armory where he regrouped with the rest of THDF. There they made their final stand but it was too much. They were forced to retreat and scuttle the ship barely making it out alive.

The Hunt for Hollow Tyrant Edit

It became clear that Hollow Tyrant encouraged the pirates to sack the Back with a Vengeance and destroyed Fort Yoth-Alpha. The only way to ensure the team could move forward with offensive operations was to make sure Hollow Tyrant was out of the way. Nikolai lead the team to hunt down the fallen spartan which they found in the mountains nearby the city of Levsa. There they landed and gave chase. Hollow Tyrant boarded a shuttle and made a break for the city where the Chat had a large presence. The team followed him in a Lich through a terrifying blizzard and managed to catch up and knock out the Chat shuttle. Hollow Tyrant survived the crash but was soon outnumbered and outgunned by the search party. After a short battle, Nikolai detained him.

The Hunt for General SheerAvenger Edit

At this point a new adversary arose to challenge the THDF forces. General SheerAvenger, bitter over his abandonment during the fall of Yoth, directly addressed Fox and ordered he stand down or be annihilated by his own Raptor pirates. Fox refused and sent THDF to kill the General. Nikolai volunteered for the job and the team was on their way. They tracked the general to the Chat ship "the Abomination" in the act of trying to capture it. After a long three way battle it was clear that THDF had no hope of capturing him. At that moment the mercenary Minnae appeared to collect the chat bounty on the General's head. With a temporary alliance with Minnae, THDF was able to kill the General and secure The Abomination which was given to Minnae as a consolation prize for betraying the chat.

Scorched Earth Policy Edit

At this point most of the Chat's resources and influence had been spent on Fort Yoth-Alpha, the protection of Hollow Tyrant, on raptor pirates, and on defending the Abomination. The Chat's army was near collapse. To make up for this lack of men and materials the Chat general in charge, T3CHNOCIDE, decided to raise an army of Xenomorphs. This army would keep THDF occupied for a long time and give his forces a chance to escape. Additionally, by releasing the Xenomophs on the planet he would leave nothing of value behind for the invaders. He had begun the Chat policy of Scorched Earth.

T3CHNOCIDE ordered that the entire city of Levsa EMPed by the Desolation and its inhabitants ushered like sheep into a planned Xenomorph nest. Using facehuggers captured during the boarding of the SS Arno, T3CHNOCIDE started his Xenomorph army using civilians as his sacrifice. Before long he had built up a huge nest. Nikolai notified the rest of the team about this during a scouting run. He tried to stop this and sent the rest of the Team the coordinates to the Xenomorph nest given to him by the Bureaucrat. When Nikolai infiltrated the nest, he found T3CHNOCIDE but was defeated after grueling hand to hand combat, taken prisoner and beaten. The rest of the team eventually arrived at the nest, destroyed it, and rescued Nikolai. Soon after T3CHNOCIDE evacuated all Chat forces from Yoth, though they were destroyed in their retreat by the naval forces of THDF.

It was on Yoth that Nikolai learned that redemption is possible for some of the Chat and that they should be jailed instead of killed. Mr. Pereshenko also noticed that war is just a breakdown of diplomatic relations and that many of the resistance's problems could be solved with diplomacy.

Mr. Pereshenko, the Diplomat Edit

Keep your friends close and your enemies in a bag
— Nikolai Pereshenko

After the Second Battle of Yoth, Nikolai decided to become a diplomat for the Resistance. During those two years he strengthened the Resistance's diplomatic connections to the EarthKig, CloudYanme'e, Cheytac Smugglers and Jiralhanae. He also used these travels to collect various slipspace shards.

Chat Invasion of New EdenEdit

During the Chat Invasion of New Eden, Nikolai Pereshenko was tasked by the Lord of the Stars to bring the Fallen to the diplomatic table. He was ultimately successful and helped craft the Fallen-Resistance alliance.

Personality Edit

Nikolai likes using wit and humor to approach tense situations. This often gets him into serious trouble like when he first met Commander Heathcliff. The old commander was so offended by Nikolai's erectile dysfunction joke that he cut off the spartan's left hand fingers, starting a fight.

When Nikolai feels disgusted or mortified by his combatants actions he takes a more serious tone. When T3CHNOCIDE burned several kig-yar cities to the ground and prepared his chemical weapons or when said Chat Admin prepared to unleash his Xenomorph herd upon Yoth, Nikolai didn't waste time with wit or humor and demanded nothing less than the execution of those responsible and the torture of those who knew and did nothing.

When he feels tense, he likes to unwind with Kentucky bourbon.

Psychology Edit

Nikolai bears a lot of guilt for rebelling against humanity in its hour of need. He shoulders the loss of half of the human population. Determined to save every last human life, he will gladly die to save another human. He does not fear death but welcomes the end of his suffering.

He has realized now that no amount of victory or retribution will ever quell his guilt. It is pain and anguish that quells his guilt. Nikolai believes he was made to suffer.

While he realizes he is a monster, committing numerous war crimes such as murdering non combatants, using human shields, torturing suspects, and shooting through hostages, he only does these things so others don't have to and can maintain their innocence.

Gallery Edit


For more information, see Savior Team 

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