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“ I must continue the work of my father. Its the only way I survive this hellish existence we call life. ”

-Nikolai Rush

Nikolai Rush is the adopted son of Christopher Rush and Natalie Rush. He was created by Dr. Parsely shortly after the Second Battle of Yoth in 2558. Ever since he learned that he is adopted he has devoted his life to finding out who his real father is and finishing the work that he started.

The Project Edit

After the Second Battle of Yoth the New Galactic Republic was looking to replace their losses with cheap, fast growing clones and sponsored Dr. Parsely's research. Code named The Project, work began in 2558 with DNA samples from 500 exceptional, deceased soldiers among them Nikolai Pereshenko. From the DNA samples 52 clones were successfully created.

However, as soon as the clones began growing they began to die until only one was left, test subject 217. Dr. Parsely named him Nikolai, after his real father. Dr. Parsely's best guess at the reason this subject survived was the augmentations that were embedded in the stem DNA. The Doctor demanded more money to test this hypothesis this but the NGR shelved the study after such a loss of investment.

Childhood Edit

With The Project shut down, Dr. Parsely donated test subject 217 to a colleague of his, Dr. Rush who was having trouble having a child of his own. Dr. Rush raised Nikolai Rush as his own until late 2559. By 2559, Nikolai Rush already had the body and mind of a teenager courtesy of being a clone. This lead to ethical concerns in the community and Dr. Rush had to leave with Nikolai and his wife, Natalie for Yoth. There he had a son of his own, Remington Rush.

During his stay on Yoth, Nikolai Rush came across the ghost of his father. After many conversations the ghost revealed his identity and shocked Rush. The ghost took this opportunity to possess his son.

Possessed Edit

Although Nikolai Rush originally protested, his father reasoned that if he was indeed a clone then they are the same person and they are both entitled to a body. Rush agreed and they worked out a schedule in which they would each get control of the body for a period of time. As a side effect, Rush often has his father's nightmares and psychological problems. As per his father's wishes, Rush joined THDF and donned his father's armor.

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